One Day After The 4th.

Well the Red, White, and Blue decor with stay with us through July.

Another set of flowers

Brandy’s visit to the Vet today was a good report.  The drops for her eyes are doing their job.  The Vet said the pressure is normal.  She has a minor infection in her tummy but he gave us pills to clear it up.

Amanda and Cindy cleared the back of my truck yesterday so now all I have to do is go things to figure what to do with them.  It is the old ‘a man’s work is from Sun up to sun down but a woman’s work is never done’.

I’m half way through the Dean Koontz novel The Silent Corner and it is a page turner!

I caught Lilly in the window today.

Some times your sleeping partner doesn’t breathe.

As for Libby

The new pool is just the spot in this weather.

Well both the dogs made it through the firecrackers last night with very little problems.

So that is it for now but you will have to put up with me as I post the 4th decorations over the next couple of days.