Outside Working

I took my hedge trimmers and went to work on the weeds behind the raised bed on the right side of the front yard under the window.

This was a tangled mess that needed to be cut from behind the bed.

After carefully stepping into the beds I cleaned most of it out.  That won’t be the end of it because I cant  get the roots.

It does look better now.

The wrought iron plant stand came today so I put that to use.

It now holds the sun dial.

I has one like this but as I was getting ready to move someone took it without asking and I was disappointed.  Now while visiting Wes I saw this one and asked if he wanted it.  He let me have it but then I had to figure out how to display it.   The plant stand was just the thing so now it sits in the front yard.

Les and Anne gave me this as a gift.

It is Bamboo and has decided to grow

I’m not sure if I should leave it alone or cut it off.

When you don’t squat about house plants you are at a disadvantage.

Well I have to go fix a bite of supper for Brandy and me so I’ll close for now.