Good Morning.

Well the zoo except for Brandy has been fed.  I wandered through my usual haunts to see if there was anything new.  Played a few games on the solitaire site then decided to visit you instead.

Well yesterday I dragged out the old Kenmore.

Tights, a housecoat, and some blue jeans needed attention.

Now the tights and the housecoat were a walk in the park.  The challenge came when I went after the jeans.  I had to cut out a shredded spot on the leg of one pair and sew on a new patch.  After lots of twisting and turning I managed to affix a new patch.  I won’t go into how many rethreads it took but finally it was done.  Now it ain’t pretty but it does add another pair of pants to the closet. ( I used to do this all the time for Cindy before.)

I have set the Grimms volume aside and pick up this.

From the Lisbeth Salander Series.

I  bought Stieg Larsson’s original Millennium Series along with his biography ( which is in my storage unit) But he passed away after these novels.  Then David Lagercrantz using notes left by Larsson continued the series.  I’m on page 257 and can’t wait to pick it back up today.

The bagel with cream cheese.

I have passed up buying these for several months now every time I went into Kroger’s.  I kept telling myself I don’t need them but I really want them.  Cindy kept saying if it is something you want get it.  So yesterday I reached in, grabbed them both off the shelf, came home, and indulged.  Not what I would eat everyday but a refreshing change.  Now I wonder what else I want that I’m passing up and why(?).

So now it is almost time to change the decorations for next month but what to do.  There are no holidays, no special occasions besides birthdays, and I’m blank about what to do. Got any suggestion?

Well I have to get dressed and go outside for a while.  The mail needs to be picked up.

I also have to transfer my laundry so I’ll close for now.


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2 thoughts on “Suggestions?

  1. For decorations – it’s summer, so anything with flowers! Know what you mean about “I don’t need it (food wise) but I WANT it!” I get a horrible craving for something crunchy at night while watching (of course) the FOOD network or other cooking shows. Just bought some Quaker’s Poppers (oat crisps) – Cheddar Cheese flavor – they’re OK – really crunchy but lacking in cheese flavor. Trying to STAY AWAY from potato chips! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. You are good the way you read so many books – I gave this up some time ago.

    Listening as usual to radio awaiting late show with guy named Paul who everyone is fond of and has been on air for many years sending everyone to bed with him.

    Marion England.

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