Three Busy Days

Good morning!  Well another month has almost slipped away and I think back to younger days when it seemed that a week would never end.  It is sad to think that these days will be folded into my memories so quickly .

On the 28th Cindy and I went to play bingo at a regular hall.  There were many people there with rows and rows of cards in front of them.  There was a video setup as the numbers were picked and also a caller.  As usual I won nothing but I was sore from sitting at the end of the night.

I came home after to the job of making potato salad, chip dip, and a Sunshine Pie for yesterday’s luncheon.  My day ended at around 2 am.

Yesterday my youngest son

My wonderful IT man (Les) who made copies of several pictures for the wall.

He showed me how to print them on the Canon that scares the shit out of me because I don’t quite know it’s capabilities.  (Now it is go buy the 5×7 frames to mount them in.)

Daughter-in-law Anne kept things going in the dinning area.

She and daughter Cindy set up the food.

The other very capable set of hands at the set up.

Meanwhile David manned the Charbroil turning out the hot dogs Les had requested. (Almost a picnic type thing).

My new read is

I’m on page 9 and am not sure of it yet.

I have not read anything by John Grisham so it is a new experience.

I check the Butterfly bush went I went out for the mail.

It isn’t Red. White. and Blue but it is pretty.

I will get some new growth on one of the Lilac bushes and the buds on one of the Bleeding Heart plants next.

The weather is warm and a little breezy but still swing type.

I chance the clothes on the goose yesterday.

I’m going to have to get one where she is not in the shadows.  I’m also going to have to clean the July stuff off of the windows and go haunt the Dollar Stores for a new theme.

I’m in the process of finding another outside flag but I haven’t chosen it yet.

The new flowers for the kitchen counter.

This is also becoming a must to keep the mind active and the heart happy.

Well the cats are fed but that leaves the birds, the dogs, and me.  Then I can say the zoo is taken care of.  I also want to thank David for doing that job yesterday.

In the coming post I want to show you my Pandora bracelets. Cindy and David got me started on them and I have been finding charms ever since.

I’m leaving for the day.  Have a great Sunday and a better week!




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