Almost September

Good Morning on this gray and uninviting day.  Had a little trouble with my computer yesterday.  I don’t know if something got in the way or my eyesight is failing . What do you think?

It is wonderful to be loved.

Two novels coming today which is great because I can only take so much of Grimm’s Fairy Tales then I have to put it up for a while.

My plans for a visit to Sam’s Club were delayed yesterday and probably will be today also.  I wanted the sugar to start the jam but I wanted Cindy along so we could get what she needed also.  Maybe it will come off tomorrow.

I picked up a couple more Fill It In books the other day to work in when reading and other projects become a little trying.

It will soon be time to change the theme of the decor in the windows.  A couple of days and all this comes down and the next things go up.  ( I could use a big school bus to park in the window but that can’t happen.)

I need to get out front and pull the dead heads in the flower garden so more will bloom.  I’ll do that today if it doesn’t rain.

I put Spirit’s cage in the front window yesterday and she had a great time watching the activity outside.  I think I’ll try this more often and maybe I can get her to talk more.

Well my clothes are in the dryer, Cindy’s in the washer, the zoo except for the dogs has been fed, I have a sink full of dishes soaking, and I need to get dressed so I’m out of here for now but never fear I’ll be back to bother you again.  Have a great day!

Going To A Party!

This post was started yesterday so if it is a little confusing please stay with me.

Today we are going to Les’ house to celebrate his 50th birthday.  Preparations have been going on for two days.  Last night I made potato salad and today Cindy was busy with the dessert.

I love watching her create something good.

This is a No Bake Banana Split Dessert and is as tasty as it looks.

This was her prep time.

If she looks a little hesitate she did well when it was done.

The present were waiting in the window.

Jumping next to Les’ house.

The tables were set up in the backyard.

I won’t even begin to identify everyone.

Enough food to feed a battalion two times over.

Not pictured were  the cakes and more food on the table to the left.

But most important was this.

The man the party was for.

Lesley Troy Jenkins turned 50 years old on the 25th of August.  A good looking guy but after all he is my youngest son I would expect nothing less. ( He is also my IT man.)

Ok a few odds and ends.

This is my Brandy after her visit to Petco.

The fruit for jam on the two top shelves of the freezer.

Cindy and I went to Melrose Orchards on Friday to pick up all 6 boxes.  It was a pleasant trip.  Cindy said she normally doesn’t get to travel a long drive and it was a treat for her.  Tomorrow I pick up the sugar and I’ll be ready to make jam.

This is the picture Cindy could not get to come up on her blog.

She has encouraged me to give up the black and navy blues that I have worn for years.  Honestly I’m delighted with the new me.  In fact I should have done this years ago.

Well I just ordered two books from Amazon that I read about in the Free press this morning.  One will be in right away–the other is a preorder.

Guess that is it for today.





Preparing For The Project.

Good morning.  Well the Bose has been moved back to the living room next to the printer.

It is Jackson Brown on right now.

Why did it get moved ?  Well When Jacki and Marilyn came over yesterday they brought this back to me.

This is the doll I won in a drawing.

Marilyn has kept it covered since I moved from Otisville.  When I needed a place for her it seemed safe to put her on top my dresser but it was full.

Moved the Bose and placed her beside the lamp Cindy wants.

Jacki and Marilyn also brought me jars for the jam project.

This will help alot.

Add this.

I empty these and washed them.These were over two years old.

They were in the cupboards and one the shelves in the back room.  The pints went into a box and are in the back of my truck to go to the storage unit.  The nine jelly jars are sitting on the shelf waiting to be filled. The contents was double bagged and just went away with the garbage truck.

I have finished John Grisham’s The Whistler.  I will pick up the Grimm’s tales again for now.  I expecting a novel from Amazon shortly and will look around the stores for something in between.

When Jacki and Marilyn were here they also brought homemade bread and cookies.  Needless to say I was a pig that day.

Well the zoo except for Brandy have been fed. So I guess it is time to fold up shop for today.


What Is Going On!

Catching up on activities.

Cindy and I played Bunco on Saturday night.  I didn’t win a thing but like Bingo it is fun trying.

I’m on chapter 30 of The Whistler and it is moving along.

I finished a Fill It In book this morning and have three more to work on.

Brandy and I walked not quite two blocks this morning and she is in on the bed sleeping.

I pick up the fruit for jam making in another four days.

I have potato salad to make for Les’ birthday party on the 26th ( I even have the home canned relish to go in it.)  It is his 50th and that sure reminds me of how old that makes me!

I got out the old Kenmore sewing machine yesterday to shorten some slacks I had bought.  All went well until I got to the blue ones.  The material kept jamming in the feed area and I couldn’t get it done.  I ended up hand sewing the hems.  Now I can’t wear them out but they are good to walk with Brandy.  I’ll just have to find another blue pair for good.

I now have all my too big clothes in a plastic container for Cindy.  That will go to the storage area until she needs them.

Jay’s sisters Jacki and Marilyn are coming over this afternoon to bring me some 8 oz. jars that they have.  The only bad thing about giving jam away is you always have to buy more jars.

Well the sun is shining so I’m headed to the swing for a while.

Enjoy the day.



We Had Fun

Yesterday started with a hunt for a bread box and a spice rack.  Boy, Cindy and I found some deals that we couldn’t walk away from.  It was far from being a cheap day but so much fun.  Our first purchase was this.

The red caught our eye.

Cindy said what I was thinking that the red would accentuate the curtains in the front window.   Speaking of curtains I purchased some room darkening, heavy ones  for later in the year in the same color.  We also found this for outside.

It is hanging above the fuchsia bush.

We did find the bread box.  That Bed, Bath, and Beyond can sure be fascinating.

From there we went to Meijer’s where we found the spice rack and some additional jars for it.  We also bought another two bath mats so we can exchange them when washing the original ones. While there I checked out the canning section for further needs,

In fact I’m sure I can’t remember what all we did get but at least we had fun.  I also received my ear ring from the jewelry party yesterday so I’m pretty well up-to-date.




Another Busy Day In August

Ok this is the last canning project until my trip up to Montrose Orchards on the 25th.  Today It was Dutch Apple Pie jam.

14 cups total

I also bought more flowers while I was out.

Mini carnation they should last a while.

I think my Brandy will be happy because now we can go outside to walk or swing.  She has been really bummed out the last couple of days because I was tied up with the canning.

My reading has suffered also.  I’m only 1/2 ways through the Reader’s Digest for September.  I’m almost to chapter 21 of The Whistler.

I have to take the canning equipment to the garage. Find a place for the relish and the jam and relax the shoulders.

I have the earring decorations from the party I attended but I don’t have the earring to clip them into.  Oh well Cindy will check that out for me.

Have a great week and do something for you.

One Project Down

Well yesterday I started the Hot Dog Relish made with Cabbage.  After a night in salt water I started the jars washing, Lids and rings ready.  But yesterday I had a roadblock. I went to the storage unit, found my food processor, jars. and canning equipment.  I then went to Meijers for my produce. I found everything I needed including green tomatoes.

When I returned home I discovered I was missing a part on the food processor to hold the disc for special chopping. So I used over three different method to get everything down to a decent size.  Then came the soaking overnight.

Everything went well today and the results were 25 1/2 cups of relish.  After several attempts I can’t get a picture for you and I’m too pissed off to call my son to find out why.  The only comfort to this whole process is I got my relish made.

Now Brandy and I can go swing, go for a walk, or I can read.  Have a great week.







Go Walking

It is 82 degrees out which means I spend time both in and outside. Yesterday was a terrible day for me.  Cindy was working a double, the chores were caught up, I had walked my two blocks, didn’t want to take a nap and was at a loss as how get through the day.  Today the laundry was just started,the zoo was fed, I have been reading and working in my Fill It In magazine.

Cindy is off today but like most of you who work full time she had errands to run.

I’m on  chapter 10 of my current novel, page 75 of the Reader’s Digest large Print, and actually a little tired of reading.

I got a shower this morning because I thought it was getting nails done today but Cindy said, “no mom it is tomorrow”.   I think I spend half my time wishing my life away and seeing that I don’t have a whole lot of time left this is bad.

Well I think I’ll put on my shoes so Brandy and I can go for our walk today.  That is about 50 minutes or less then the laundry will need to be transferred.

I have seen two honest to goodness butterflies the last couple of days so maybe our bush is working.

You know I would like to look through the Salvation Army store for something to do but Brandy can’t go in so I guess that is out.

Well It is get ready and go walking!

A Full Plate!

Monday morning off the the Vet’s because Brandy’s left eye has been red and draining all week end.

Her eye has been almost closed with the lids stuck together.

The Vet said there was a scratch on the cornea but it was already trying to heal itself.  He gave me prescription for drops to aid in the healing.  I felt a lot better after having her looked at.

Well Brandy and I walked again today but only two blocks.  After a couple af days of not walking we spent time in the swing when we came back then moved to the house where we crawled into bed for an hour and a half nap.

After a light lunch we went back to the swing where she slept and I read.  I had completed John Grisham’s Camino Island yesterday and enjoyed it so I brought his paperback and started it today.

Already into chapter four.

The advantage to this one is it fits in my purse.

Well I ordered my fruit for my jam making this morning.  Apricots, strawberries. red raspberries and dark cherries plus rhubarb for making Apple Rhubarb Chutney. (I love this for dipping egg rolls in.)  I decided not to order pectin I’ll bite the bullet and use Sure Jell. I will go up to Montrose Orchards on on Friday 8/25 and pick everything up.

I also have to prepare to do the Hot Dog Relish or summer will be gone and my potato salad time will be past due.

It looks like my ‘plate’, as far as activities go, will be full for a few weeks.

Gotta Do It!

Well I have been very sloppy about walking since last Thursday.  The mystery trip day I walked but not much, (ate a lot) very good but not healthy. Friday Cindy and I went to Sam’s Club (walked again but not what I could count) .  Yesterday It was company time.  Kathy  (Anne’s mother) was in from Colorado and she, Les, and Anne were up.  Again ate a lot but no walk.

Cindy and I check the house, shed, truck. part of the storage unit, and the garage for my canning book to no avail.  Yesterday David took me back to the storage unit where  we found the Ball Complete Book Of Home Preserving. my canning kettle,  and the box with the jar rings in it.  I brought everything but the jar rings home.

I had received a notice from Montrose Orchards that I could order the frozen  fruit discounted this month to make jam but I needed my book for how much to order.  I also am going to the computer to order Pacific  Pectin  it is cheaper then Sure Jell.  Now I won’t make as much as Jay and I used to make but it is something I enjoying doing.  I also found my Hot Dog Relish recipe made with cabbage and I also need that.  I mean I have the jars, the rings, and the time, I just need the produce and the lids to complete the job.

Yesterday I stopped to pick up some cellophane in the yard and found this.


A Dragonfly. I have never seen one up that close before.

The grocery store flowers are holding up well.

They sit most of the time on the stove top because Lilly wants to smell them and tips them over.  ( You can see her in the corner.)

I don’t remember showing you the flowers in the kitchen window so here you are.

These are the colors I chose for the theme.

Also this to match.

Most have something for the tree.

Well the cats are fed but the birds and dog need attention before I can call the zoo done.

I also need the wash my bedding and it don’t walk out by itself to the washer so I’m out of here.  Oops I forgot I also got to walk today.  You have a good week!