3 Yesterday It Will Be 4 Today

It is 1:27 in the afternoon with Brandy and me having made our 2 block walk on our belts and plans to repeat it later today.  Brandy opted to take a nap and I may join her once I’m done here.  ( been trying to stick to protein rich foods also).

I am 94 pages into Camino Island  and now hooked on it.  I’ll be picking it up again later today.

Well the mail person brought the three sheets of butterfly clings today but I need to wait for the flower clings in order to decorate the windows.  Also an outdoor flag with butterflies is on it’s way.

I don’t have anything planned for the next few days except replenishing my postage stamps because it seems there are six birthday cards and one wedding anniversary coming up in August.

The results of having my nails done in July

As I was walking out I thought what ever possessed me to choose this

But I have had several positive comments on them.  The only problem is I look at them and go why.

Well the weather is warm and I find myself outside with my book reading until I get too uncomfortable then It id inside to the A C.

I think I’ll follow Brandy into nap time for a while.