The August Theme

With Flowers and Butterflies as the theme this month here is a preview

this is our flag for this month

The colors are bright and the subject matter fits perfectly.  ( This is a Toland Flag from Amazon.)  Almost all my flags are Tolands.

The following pictures are in the front dining room area.

The upper left corner

The lower right corner

The lower left corner

The upper right

The dining area from the outside

The living room window from the outside before revision.


Another look at the Bleeding Heart

This good but nothing on the other two plants yet.

Today Brandy and I tried another route on our 4 block walk. I have come to the conclusion that we will stick with Meadowlawn.  It has the  shady spots, traffic is not as heavy, and there are places to stop and catch our breath along the way.  The  scenery will be the same every day but the distance is what counts.

I had just moved the flower containers out from the edge of the house and now it is raining to beat the band.  Maybe it bring them back to life again.

Tomorrow my friends,  Michael and Darlene,  are taking me on a mystery trip for the day so I have to get a shower, pick out something to wear, and be ready to go in the morning.

Well I guess I’ll feed Brandy her afternoon meal.  Then she can go to bed when she wants.

It is too early for me so I think I’ll see what Amazon Prime has for videos

Take care!