The Mystery Trip.

Well the mystery with Darlene and Michael yesterday turned out to be going up to Mcpherson’s in Millington for lunch and stopping on the way back at McDaniel’s Farm Market.  My lunch turned out to be my standard breakfast.  ( 2 eggs over medium, hash browns, Sausage links, and I slice of wheat toast,)  While we were there they picked up home baked bread and the famous Cinnamon rolls.  I brought a roll hone for me.

Very tasty (not on the protein diet) but I have to to get one every time I go up.

I cut it in half so David could have some  and finished my half today.

While we were at McDaniel’s I pick up[ two Bleeding Hearts and two Hostas for the front garden.

The two hostas are fine but the Bleeding Hearts are a little worse for wear so I got them 2 for 1.

While at the market Darlene bought me two melons to take home.

One Mushmelon

One watermelon

Michael cut up both of them for me before going home.

On the way through Otisville we stopped at the soft ice cream place and I got a small  cone even though I didn’t know where I would put it I was so full.

I saw they were finally rebuilding the church on the corner of Lake Rd. and M15.  It burned down after I moved to Pontiac.

Needless to say I didn’t talk much coming home because I was full up to my eyeballs but ie was a great trip and I did get to see some old friends while I was there. Thank you Darlene and Michael.  It does a lot of good revisiting old places and remembering them.

Darlene finally remembered my Christmas present.

Every year she get me Hallmark Bird of Beauty.

These are the birds that hang in the archway every Christmas.

Well I guess that is it for now.