Gotta Do It!

Well I have been very sloppy about walking since last Thursday.  The mystery trip day I walked but not much, (ate a lot) very good but not healthy. Friday Cindy and I went to Sam’s Club (walked again but not what I could count) .  Yesterday It was company time.  Kathy  (Anne’s mother) was in from Colorado and she, Les, and Anne were up.  Again ate a lot but no walk.

Cindy and I check the house, shed, truck. part of the storage unit, and the garage for my canning book to no avail.  Yesterday David took me back to the storage unit where  we found the Ball Complete Book Of Home Preserving. my canning kettle,  and the box with the jar rings in it.  I brought everything but the jar rings home.

I had received a notice from Montrose Orchards that I could order the frozen  fruit discounted this month to make jam but I needed my book for how much to order.  I also am going to the computer to order Pacific  Pectin  it is cheaper then Sure Jell.  Now I won’t make as much as Jay and I used to make but it is something I enjoying doing.  I also found my Hot Dog Relish recipe made with cabbage and I also need that.  I mean I have the jars, the rings, and the time, I just need the produce and the lids to complete the job.

Yesterday I stopped to pick up some cellophane in the yard and found this.


A Dragonfly. I have never seen one up that close before.

The grocery store flowers are holding up well.

They sit most of the time on the stove top because Lilly wants to smell them and tips them over.  ( You can see her in the corner.)

I don’t remember showing you the flowers in the kitchen window so here you are.

These are the colors I chose for the theme.

Also this to match.

Most have something for the tree.

Well the cats are fed but the birds and dog need attention before I can call the zoo done.

I also need the wash my bedding and it don’t walk out by itself to the washer so I’m out of here.  Oops I forgot I also got to walk today.  You have a good week!