A Full Plate!

Monday morning off the the Vet’s because Brandy’s left eye has been red and draining all week end.

Her eye has been almost closed with the lids stuck together.

The Vet said there was a scratch on the cornea but it was already trying to heal itself.  He gave me prescription for drops to aid in the healing.  I felt a lot better after having her looked at.

Well Brandy and I walked again today but only two blocks.  After a couple af days of not walking we spent time in the swing when we came back then moved to the house where we crawled into bed for an hour and a half nap.

After a light lunch we went back to the swing where she slept and I read.  I had completed John Grisham’s Camino Island yesterday and enjoyed it so I brought his paperback and started it today.

Already into chapter four.

The advantage to this one is it fits in my purse.

Well I ordered my fruit for my jam making this morning.  Apricots, strawberries. red raspberries and dark cherries plus rhubarb for making Apple Rhubarb Chutney. (I love this for dipping egg rolls in.)  I decided not to order pectin I’ll bite the bullet and use Sure Jell. I will go up to Montrose Orchards on on Friday 8/25 and pick everything up.

I also have to prepare to do the Hot Dog Relish or summer will be gone and my potato salad time will be past due.

It looks like my ‘plate’, as far as activities go, will be full for a few weeks.