Go Walking

It is 82 degrees out which means I spend time both in and outside. Yesterday was a terrible day for me.  Cindy was working a double, the chores were caught up, I had walked my two blocks, didn’t want to take a nap and was at a loss as how get through the day.  Today the laundry was just started,the zoo was fed, I have been reading and working in my Fill It In magazine.

Cindy is off today but like most of you who work full time she had errands to run.

I’m on  chapter 10 of my current novel, page 75 of the Reader’s Digest large Print, and actually a little tired of reading.

I got a shower this morning because I thought it was getting nails done today but Cindy said, “no mom it is tomorrow”.   I think I spend half my time wishing my life away and seeing that I don’t have a whole lot of time left this is bad.

Well I think I’ll put on my shoes so Brandy and I can go for our walk today.  That is about 50 minutes or less then the laundry will need to be transferred.

I have seen two honest to goodness butterflies the last couple of days so maybe our bush is working.

You know I would like to look through the Salvation Army store for something to do but Brandy can’t go in so I guess that is out.

Well It is get ready and go walking!