Almost October

Well yesterday Cynthia Catherine Axsom accomplished another milestone in her life.

Her degree and a proud smile

She is now a Certified Nurse Aid.   She is already planning her next step in her career.  We are very proud of you daughter of mine.

Well it is the last day of September and we are waiting for tomorrow to start decorating for Halloween. In fact Cindy took me to Clarkston High School for the Craft show and we found Lucy (the goose) her outfit.

So she is our first October decoration ( i day early).

Lily couldn’t resist a closer look at her when she was dressed up.  Cindy has decided to get a larger goose and start dressing her.  It is out to the shed tomorrow to get the Halloween carton so the house can be decorated.

I have started the Trick Or Treat wreath parts but I have a long ways to go. I’ll keep at it and see how much headway I can make on it.

Our yard is in need of a mowing so that will be ordered next.  Right now the grass is so high that the little birds can hide in it.

I’m getting my entries into the Free Calorie Counter and doing an accurate job of it.  (Who says you can’t teach an OLD DOG new Tricks.)

I’m managing to read my novel also.  I’m on page 216.   I confess it gets in my way when I have other things to do.

It is a little warmer in the sunshine today so Brandy and i have been out on the swing.

Get outside and breathe the air.  Also do something nice for yourself!



A Recreation Of The Lost Prose

This morning I created a lovely post mentioning my calorie counter, my problem with my nails, my reading, and etc.  Then with pictures and all it suddenly disappeared.  Les tried to help me find it but to no avail.  I will try to recreate it now.

Starting with this

Cindy is teaching me how to use this program and it is great.

You can find the calorie count for anything if you use the correct name.  I am learning to use it now but I sometimes have to have Cindy fix it for me.  It is a time and a life saver for someone like me who normally hates calorie counting.

The large print October’s  Reader’s Digest came in last Saturday and by Sunday morning I had devoured it.  I’m on page 105 of the latest novel of the Millennium Series (The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye).   It is moving right along and I have trouble not picking it up when I have chores to do.

I went shopping today and picked up my yarn for the Trick  Or Treat project   There are still a few things to buy for it but I can start crocheting now.  I have to have it done by the last part of October.

I have worked to get the nail polish off my nails because it cracks and peels.

I bought a Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit to try and fix my nails.  If it works I won’t be paying to have them done anymore.

Things to hang on the bottom of the shelf.

Cindy added the pumpkins and such to the bottom of the shelf in the bathroom.  Today I picked up beads for the tree in the kitchen and a new flower for the vase in the inside window.  As soon as October gets here I have pictures of them.

Well Cindy worked this weekend and then went to class this morning.  She is working after class tonight but hopefully she will just have class the rest of the week.

Well I’m late getting my supper and feeding Brandy hers so I better be closing for now.

Enjoy this great weather I am!


Which Shall I make!

Still morning but barely!  I have fed the zoo, consumed 260 calories for my breakfast ( big bowl of oatmeal with blueberries)  Speaking of blueberries I was going to can Orange Rhubarb jam this morning (working on using up the rhubarb) when I remembered some of my friends like my Bluebarb jam so I better make a few more jars of that.  I finally decided on a double batch of Bluebarb and a single batch of Orange Rhubarb.  So right now I’m waiting on the jars in the dishwasher.  I fact it seems I’m always waiting for jars in the dishwasher but I want to be sure they are sterilized.

I’m on Chapter five of The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye and loving every minute of it.

Cindy is in school again today all though we did do some major grocery shopping after class yesterday.  I did however pass up the fresh flowers seeing we have more days the dollars left in the month.  I do have to get out and buy some Boost because doctor said one every other day.  You know it is harder to stay healthy than it is to ignore the whole thing.

Well yesterday it was in the 89s and It looks promising again today.  Pammie wished for Indian Summer and it looks like she got her wisn. In fact as soon as I get the jam in the jars Brandy and I will go out to the swing for a while.

I think I’ll wander out to the mailbox for any good or bad news so you have a great  day!

Update: 8 cups of Orange Rhubarb jam  and 13 cups of Bluebarb.


I’m Healthy!

The results of my doctor’s visit.  As Cindy said I’m one healthy broad!  I had lost 10 pounds since my last visit.  My doctor said no more weight loss.  The lump on my side was the tip of my hip bone.  I was warned to be careful when I walk or I’ll break a hip.  I will l be taking one Boost every other day and I must eat three meals a day (1500 calories).  I have spent my whole life fat so this difficult to accept.  But I guess I have more time to accomplish some projects and clean out the sewing, painting, and etc.  Any way I feel a little about life in general now.

So you gonna get rid of me yet!

Get My Head On Right And Get It Done.

Good Morning almost afternoon on this dull, gray day with a few drops threatening to fall outside. Yesterday I did nothing out of the ordinary just the chores I see to every day.  After being bored reading I took an afternoon nap.  When I awoke I decided to see my doctor about a lump on my right side above the hip bone.  Now I was going to ignore it because there was no pain and I figured let whatever it was develop because I was tired of worrying about shit like this.  I thought I will eat what I want, rest when I want, and do whatever things ( creating, reading, and visiting) whenever I want so I told my daughter and my eldest that come what may it is up to me what to do.   So today I have an appointment at the doctor’s office because I figured there is too much to still be accomplished to ignore it.

I finished Bruce Handy’s novel Wild Things this morning and will start this.

This is continuing the Millennium series.

I still have a few magazines opened to finish but I’ll get them done.

As I mentioned before Cindy Is going to school right now .  I have a picture of her in her scrubs that doesn’t want to edit right now.

Cindy in her scrubs.

Yes this is what the old Kenmore was helping correct the last few days.  ( I swear I’m going to buy a new lighter machine but I can’t seem to spend the money when this one still works.)  Anyway my daughter is working towards a Nurse’s Assistant title. Her first test is today.  I have to give her a great deal of credit to start working on her career at this age.

I found this pattern yesterday and may make it for Halloween.

I really need to create something and I can crochet so I’ll try.

Well it is past time to wake Brandy up, get her outside, and feed her.  The cats are fed but I need to take care of the inside  birds too.  Have a great day!





What A Day!

I started this morning breaking one arm off my reading glasses.  Well if this is how it is going to go today I should just tuck my old butt back in bed and forget any plans for the day.  Ahh but Gorilla glue saved the day.  It held the glasses in one piece and other than trying to glue a finger to a thumb I solved that problem..

My first project this morning was to clean up the top of my stove.

With a Scrub Bud and hot soapy water she was shining like a diamond.

Now later in the day I bathed the top of it with spilled sugar  so that was a repeat  performance when my jam was done.

Next came Spirit’s cage because Cindy had cleaned Erin’s cage the day before.

When I fed Erin I wiped down his little present from the morning.

His cage was still neat this morning after a tiny bet of wipe up.

I continued to feed the rest of the zoo (as I usually do) so that every one but the dogs were taken care of.

The next move was to get more jars from the garage and start the dishwasher.  While I was out in the yard I cut up some cardboard that was in the spare room on the floor.  (I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed me standing in my nightgown and fleece jacket with a sharp object in my hand.)

After that I started setting up the canning equipment.   I used the food processor to  prepare the apricots  I measured them out. got my sugar ready, put the lemon juice in the pan with the fruit, added the pectin.  I also filled the canner for hot water, put the jar lids on to heat, and counted out my rings. A while later I had 16 cups of Apricot jam to put on the shelf after I labeled my jars.

In between times I did my laundry, washed up all the dishes from the canning, peeled potatoes for David who put a roast in the crock pot with onions, carrots, and the potatoes.

I was a little shaky so I laid down for a while.  I slept from a little before 4 to after 6:30 pm.   Then I took Brandy and we went to Rite Aid to get some more reading glasses.

I sat down with the checkbook, entered what I had written plus wrote out a check for AT& T.  Next it was get out the old Kenmore to shorten Cindy’s pants (scrubs).

Cindy came in a while later so we measured and shorten her scrub for school tomorrow.  She put her patch on the scrub top and with David’s help I got the old Kenmore put away again.

It is now around 10:30 pm, I’m beat but at least I have more jam made, 2 pair of new reading glasses, and the feeling that by golly I did It.  How’s them apples for 82!!


Out Of Character!

I had a date with a very attractive younger man yesterday.  It was set for 3 pm but I arrived early so I sat in the Kmart parking lot in Lake Orion doing Fill It In puzzles to kill time.  I had Brandy with me and she napped while I waited.  When 3 pm came I went to my date’s house only to find no one was there.  Stood up maybe but his car was there.

I final took Brandy inside where it was cool and waited. The back door opened and this fellow said “Hey I’m only 17 mins. late.”  Yep it was him.

My eldest child Wes feeling no pain and grinning like a Chessie cat.

I said if I had known where he was I would have joined him.  He replied “I was going to suggest it because there are people over there waiting to see you”.  I said he had invited me over for ribs but seeing the fire wasn’t ready yet why not.  So off to the Sand Bar we went.  One to the people there had been a clown in the parades I had walked in so we started talking about how much fun it was.  When the bartender asked what I would like to drink my first thought was coffee  but I replied something with plenty of ice.  My companion said Seven  and Seven but I replied Seven and ginger ale.  A short time later a tall glass with my order and lots of ice sat in front of me.

Now I explained that the only time I drink is when Wes mixes one for my birthday.  But hey this was a special time for both him and me.  Well after my second one with no ribs in my tummy I was feeling no pains either. I finally said let’s go back to the house and eat before I fall over.  He called someone for a ride and they told him he was only a little over two blocks from so walk it.

So we did but half way there as we stumbled along a police car pulled in beside us.  They asked if we were alright.  We replied yes. Then they asked how far we had to walk and Wes said to the purple house just down the street.  They asked if we wanted a ride there. ( I thinking yeah climb out of police car in front of the house with  all the neighbors not likely.)  ( I thought they would say who is the drunk old lady he had with him.)

It was a great big laugh for both of us.

Well I finally got a baked potato and my ribs in my tummy, I complimented my chef, and was sober enough to drive home.

But to tell the truth I had a blast!

Half Way

Well half way through the month of September and I managed 12 cups of Strawberry/rhubarb jam today.  That pretty well takes care of the strawberries.   I still have apricots and raspberries to work on but again there is no hurry because they are frozen.

Still working on Bruce Handy’s Wild Things but it is dragging a bit.  Now on page 183 and can’t get it done fast enough because I have two more novels waiting.  I am half way through the AARP magazine for August/September and about the same amount read of the AARP Bulletin for September so I am making headway.

Tomorrow I am suppose to spend the afternoon with Wes, my oldest, if he doesn’t have to work.

I spoke with my friend, Edna in Mt. Morris yesterday and I have to plan a trip for a visit.  I need to take her some jam.  I guess that is the latest so I’m out of here.

A Day To Read And Rest

Late yesterday I finished 15  cups of Dutch Apple Pie jam. ( I used the food processor to shred the apples instead of chunking them and was pleased with the texture.)  I left them cooling on the table. cleaned up my equipment, and went to bed.  In the middle of the night I got up,  labeled them,  and took them to the shelving unit.

While out there I accomplished this.

I resorted the jam, boxed some of the like kinds, and generally made it easier to find them.

Next came Cindy’s (scrub) pants.  She tried them on yesterday so I was able to get some idea on how much to shorten them and pinned them up so I could measure them.  In the middle of the night I measured. pinned, and cut them.  I then pinned a small hem on them and went to bed at 7 am.

When i got up around 9 am I fed the zoo, drank a cup of coffee, and got out.

The trusty old kenmore.

Now it is too heavy for me to carry so I used the chair at the computer desk to roll it from the bedroom to the kitchen.   I also got out my thread and straight pin box to set up to machine.  The results are

The job is done And the equipment put away.

Now I think I have earn what my title says.




Well it was 12 cups of dark cherry and 6 cups of orange rhubarb  before I gave it up for today.  Now it is read or Fill It In puzzles for me.

The latest news from Florida my family down there has survived with a minimum amount of discomfort for now.

My Brandy is under the weather today and I’ll take her to the Vet. if she doesn’t improve.

Hope your day is going well.