It Is Here

Well it is here September that is.  My pictures like the subject ( Bleeding Hearts) were a sad thing to view.  The blooms are very small and where blurred when i tried to take a picture of them.  Maybe next year they will be better.

Everyone in the Zoo is fed except the dogs but it is like that every morning.  I cleaned Spirit’s cage and she is here now.

She is enjoying the sunshine in the front window.

All the decorations for August are down and waiting for a box to store them in.  I do have the next flag up.

But this the only thing for September so far.

I have to get the box containing Fall things from the shed then I can proceed on decorating.

Cindy will be answering the request for the recipe soon and will send it to the requester,

I have started reading my newest book.

Not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m enjoying it.

Flowers from the store –a must .

Carnations are the choice here because they last longer than other flowers.

My laundry is done and laying on my bed to be put away.  I also have to crawl all over the bed to get my sheets tucked in so Brandy will be moving around to let me complete the job. (Darn old full size bed).  I swear I’m going to buy a twin size just for the room it will give me in the bedroom and the convenience when making it.  I know it will mean new bedding, a headboard, and who knows what all expense.  But my daughter says if it is something I want get it .

Well I guess the jam will start tomorrow.  ( do I have a helper?)

Have a great day  and take time for you.