My Daughter Said

After my last post I took my daughter’s advice being if you want it get it.  This was my bedroom yesterday.

A full size bed that took up a lot of space.

So i went shopping yesterday.  It wasn’t a cheap trip but after the setup this morning I’m so glad I did it.

All new– a twin bed that leaves me room to sit on the floor if I want to. 

I took a short nap this afternoon but the real test will be tonight.

Brandy was upset when they took her bed away. But she is getting used to this.

The only problem is that it is higher off the floor and for her to jump up on it is quite a chore.  Now I brought the doggie step in for her but she does not know how to use it.  It will take some training to get her used to it.  But it boils down to if you want it get it and it does give me more room to get around in.

I haven’t quite settled in on the jam making yet.  But the fruit is frozen so nothing will spoil if I wait.

Still a problem with decor for the house.  There just isn’t much that says Fall without a Halloween flavor to it.  Nothing available in lighted things for the windows as far as I’ve looked.

Cindy is pulling an all nighter, David is playing magic with his friends, I have washed all my linens from the full size bed and  packed in a bag to be given away.

I have to resend my grand daughter’s birthday card because I had the wrong address  She probably thought I had forgotten her altogether.

It is only 6 pm I have had a little supper, fed Brandy and am at a loss as what else to do.

It is read or turn on the idiot box.  Well I’ll find something.

You have a great weekend.