Labor Day Weekend

The 3rd of September on the Labor Day Weekend and I did labor.

You are looking at one of 25 1/2 cups of Strawberry jam.

All that is left is partial package of whole strawberries.  This is from 10 lbs. of frozen berries.  My food processor is a real blessing now that I have the correct part for it.  The canning project was finished by 3 pm today and all the equipment is put away.

The decoration for Fall are up.

The lower right side of the living room window

The lower left side of the same window

Time out to charge the camera battery then I’ll finish the front window.

This is the Dinning room window.

I still have the front and back door to show you but again the camera battery is charging.

Finally a picture of one of the Bleeding Heart plants.

Well my first night in the new bed was warm and comfy.  I do have a little problem getting in under the covers because it is so high but I’ll master that with practice.

Well how was your Holiday spent?  You had fun I hope.

I’m tired so I think I’ll take it easy for the rest of the night.