The Last Day

Well a good morning to you.  I’m still working on the front windows because I found the decorations that Cindy bought last month.  I’ll get those pictures up when I’m done.  However I do have the door decorations done.

This is the back door design

This is on the front door.

Both let you know that Fall is in the air.

I’m playing with the idea of starting the Dark Cherry Jam but haven’t quite decided on it yet.  I do have things to take to the Goodwill or Salvation Army store.  I also need to take something to my storage area.

Cindy put my full size headboard on facebook but I haven’t heard anything yet and it is free.

Well the zoo is fed this morning except for the dogs.  There are a few dishes soaking in the sink and my laundry is washing so I do have things to do.

Cindy worked all night and is due back in this afternoon.  Tomorrow it is all day for her.

I also have the bath room to trim if Cinday doesn’t have time to put Fall in there.  I check with her before she leaves for work.

I think I’ll get a yogurt and read my book for while.

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday.