Second Attempt!

All these pictures can be made larger.

Starting with the back hallway.

This is on Cindy’s bedroom door.

This is on my bedroom door.

This is on the bathroom door.

Inside the bathroom is this

Note the sitting creatures

Going through the archway

Is the sign

The flower is usually in the kitchen window

The window is in between the kitchen and the addition.

On to the addition

These are on the door to the outside.

This is on the freezer in the addition.

All these Cindy bought in August so we could have them for September.  These items are from past years or are bought at the (bless their hearts) dollar stores.

Back to the living room.

This Lucy my goose.

She is in the living room window waiting for the clings to arrive tomorrow .  These are an excellent fill in when there is extra space in  a window.

If you wonder why we do this every month it is because it is a reminder of time passing and it makes us smile.  I just hope that others that see it will smile too.

Well it looks like my 2nd attempt made it.  ( I’m a never say die type of person.)

Have a great week.

Not My Day!

This morning I created a blog entry on the new decor.  Had it all set up and discovered I had missed one picture. I decided to put that one in.  When I did all the pictures so far disappeared.  Now I had stupidly deleted them when I thought I was finished.  Wrong thought so now I finally just trash the whole thing.

On top of that my favorite chair has decided not to work any more.  Now I got it several years ago when I had my shoulders replaced.  I guess it just gave up but it still feel good to sit in it.

The mail just came and my long awaited Visa bill must be opened so I’m out of here .  Have a better day than me!