Early Start

Today started with stripping the bed, washing the bedding, doing my clothes, remaking the bed with different sheets, and starting another round of jam.

After taking all the jars I have got and washing them (plus the rings) I started to chop the dark sweet cherries. I used only one package from the box and ended up with a double batch.  Everything went well and I had all the ingredients except the cloves which is optional.  (This went on my to buy list along with more lemon juice.)

I now have 12 cups of Sweet Cherry Jam.

On top of that I have enough to make a double batch three more times.

I still have the red raspberry and the apricot to make.

I think I’ll buy some Granny Smith apples and make the Dutch Apple Pie Jam with the food processor to get a smoother texture.

It is almost 4 pm so I think I’ll go out to the swing with Brandy and my book for a while. We won’t be out there too long because it is breezy and chilly but we need the fresh air.

I hope your day is going well also.