News Tonight

No Jam making today but Cindy and I managed to give some away.  It is just a dent in the supply.

The shelf is still pretty full so there is more to give away.

Brandy and I started our walking again today.

This is our route up Meadowlawn for one block and back (2 blocks).

Doesn’t sound like much but we haven’t walked in a couple of weeks.  Just 2 old ladies trudging along.

Chris was by yesterday to work his magic.

The bushes out front were sprouting like weeds.

How much neater we look now!

At the store getting Nutmeg

I know these aren’t Nutmeg but when I’m at the store I buy flowers (it Is a rule).  Also picked up another 25 lbs. of sugar.

Well I’m not quite half way through Bruce Handy’s book but I did make a little headway waiting for Cindy at the Dr.’s office.  Sometimes it seems that reading is not top priority right now with the canning to do.

I have somethings coming from Amazon tomorrow seems like gifts even if it is things i need.

Brandy is going deaf which was bothering me until I remembered she is equal to 77 human years old.  I just have to touch her first when she is sleeping and lean close to speak to her when she is awake.  I do love that little s**t.

Well my grandson has moved out of state and my son is empty nesting it,  it is funny how life changes on you.

My sister-in-law and husband are in the Florida mess so I keep getting updates from them.

That is the news tonight.