A Recreation Of The Lost Prose

This morning I created a lovely post mentioning my calorie counter, my problem with my nails, my reading, and etc.  Then with pictures and all it suddenly disappeared.  Les tried to help me find it but to no avail.  I will try to recreate it now.

Starting with this

Cindy is teaching me how to use this program and it is great.

You can find the calorie count for anything if you use the correct name.  I am learning to use it now but I sometimes have to have Cindy fix it for me.  It is a time and a life saver for someone like me who normally hates calorie counting.

The large print October’s  Reader’s Digest came in last Saturday and by Sunday morning I had devoured it.  I’m on page 105 of the latest novel of the Millennium Series (The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye).   It is moving right along and I have trouble not picking it up when I have chores to do.

I went shopping today and picked up my yarn for the Trick  Or Treat project   There are still a few things to buy for it but I can start crocheting now.  I have to have it done by the last part of October.

I have worked to get the nail polish off my nails because it cracks and peels.

I bought a Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit to try and fix my nails.  If it works I won’t be paying to have them done anymore.

Things to hang on the bottom of the shelf.

Cindy added the pumpkins and such to the bottom of the shelf in the bathroom.  Today I picked up beads for the tree in the kitchen and a new flower for the vase in the inside window.  As soon as October gets here I have pictures of them.

Well Cindy worked this weekend and then went to class this morning.  She is working after class tonight but hopefully she will just have class the rest of the week.

Well I’m late getting my supper and feeding Brandy hers so I better be closing for now.

Enjoy this great weather I am!


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2 thoughts on “A Recreation Of The Lost Prose

  1. SOooooo frustrating spending all that time typing up a blog post only to LOSE it! (Done that before!). I was typing up my special needs group’s Business Meeting Notes (I’m also the Secretary) and suddenly when going to print page ONE – it wasn’t there! (Long story – found it, but had a bit of panic before that happened.) Makes you wonder just what you wrote before and WILL you be able to re-create it exactly! Sigh . . . I see that your nails are turning white under the polish – not good. maybe just doing the tips will help.

  2. We keep getting rain. A friend of mine is a director of photography and has been busy filming a new series of our beloved Poldark story down in our Cornwall and he says on e mail that he wonders how they all haven’t got pneumonia because of the rain and weather!

    I bel. it comes to you this month of October. Millions have enjoyed Poldark over here. Marion England.

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