Which Shall I make!

Still morning but barely!  I have fed the zoo, consumed 260 calories for my breakfast ( big bowl of oatmeal with blueberries)  Speaking of blueberries I was going to can Orange Rhubarb jam this morning (working on using up the rhubarb) when I remembered some of my friends like my Bluebarb jam so I better make a few more jars of that.  I finally decided on a double batch of Bluebarb and a single batch of Orange Rhubarb.  So right now I’m waiting on the jars in the dishwasher.  I fact it seems I’m always waiting for jars in the dishwasher but I want to be sure they are sterilized.

I’m on Chapter five of The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye and loving every minute of it.

Cindy is in school again today all though we did do some major grocery shopping after class yesterday.  I did however pass up the fresh flowers seeing we have more days the dollars left in the month.  I do have to get out and buy some Boost because doctor said one every other day.  You know it is harder to stay healthy than it is to ignore the whole thing.

Well yesterday it was in the 89s and It looks promising again today.  Pammie wished for Indian Summer and it looks like she got her wisn. In fact as soon as I get the jam in the jars Brandy and I will go out to the swing for a while.

I think I’ll wander out to the mailbox for any good or bad news so you have a great  day!

Update: 8 cups of Orange Rhubarb jam  and 13 cups of Bluebarb.


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2 thoughts on “Which Shall I make!

  1. Boy, I tell ya – turn my head for a second & you’ve done THREE posts! Good for you! Glad you’re keeping busy as well as paying attention to your doctor (even if you don’t WANT to). I’m dreading seeing my OB/GYN first of Oct. just because I’ve gained weight! He always gives me this speech: “You know, if you’d just lose 5 lb. you’d be in the correct percentile for your height.” Easier said than done!
    Glad the lump was only a hip bone! YAY! Keep on rockin’, Lady – you got this canning thing down pat!

  2. You are still busy!!

    I keep changing my mind about what to give folk for Christmas, now I have hit on some Irish Music dvds for some women I know to come from Amazon shortly when October money comes in!

    Just a year since my operation and good.

    Just waiting again for our local radio request programme at 9 tonight til 1 am.

    Our weather fairly warm and been dry for a while. Marion England.

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