Found It!

What to do today.  Cindy is working so normally I would make jam but not today.  It is the first day of October and I have an idea.

That front window needs cleaning before we put up the clings.

So I moved out the cat toy, 2 of the file cabinets, swept behind that plus the TV, then started to Windex the windows.  I moved every thing back in place and gave me a pat on the back.   Wednesday will be decorate day so I’m ready now.  I also moved the dinning room table and cleaned those windows also.

I had already dressed Lucy (the goose) so I  wrapped the dog as a mummy.

They share the window all the time so hre needed something also.

Outside you can see the trees begin to dress in their fall colors.

Another couple of weeks and they will really show off.

We  have a call in to Cris to mow this week so that is ordered.

Once the container in the shed comes in I’ll packing the Fall things to go out.

These are waiting to be packed until next Fall

I have to go into the flag box so I can change that also. Just got to remember the little things I guess!

There are decorations going up all around the neighborhood And it is a delight to see.