What’s Doing!

First hanging around our back door for the last few days is this

A Praying Mantis .

David said there was a smaller one out in the yard this morning.  I wonder how long they will be around.

I who can’t pass a bookshelf in a store without looking for more to read.

Decided to list what I had accumulated.

  1. I’m reading Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint  at the moment . ( hilarious in the beginning but not later as the novel evolves )
  2. Dan Brown’s Origins arrived today.
  3. Stephen and Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties  (over 700 pages so there is no taking that out.)
  4. Sarah Schmidt’s See What I’ve Done ( Lizzie Borden’s story)
  5. Edgar Allan Poe’s Complete Stories and Poems ( I have had this one for awhile)
  6. Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales  ( been working on this one too).
  7. J.D.  Salinger’s  Catcher In The Rye  ( never read it I guess it is time)
  8. H. P. Lovecraft’s  Complete Fiction  ( another big volume I have had awhile I guess I can stop looking for now.)  Many of these are old but I missed them the first time around and have decided to start broadening my knowledge.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow when Cindy and I start the Halloween decorations.  David is going to the shed for the plastic container ( possible more).

Well everyone but Brandy and I have had breakfast,  the laundry is ready to go in the dryer, I have collected the mail so I guess I’d better get moving on the things needed to be done for the rest of the day.

You have a good one and do something for yourself.