The Beginnig

Well Cindy, David, and I have pretty well decorated the dickens out of the house.  I have over 24 pictures of our work.  I will be putting some up each post starting here.

Mr. Ghost is on Cindy’s bedroom door..

The happy pumpkin is on my door.

The witch is guarding the bathroom door.

Out in the kitchen Cindy added… the tree on the counter.

Also in the inside window

The haunted house is what you see if you look out.

I’m still trying to crochet my pieces for my wreath but it is slow going.

Tomorrow the suction caps will be delivered and I will be be hanging suncatchers in the spare room windows.  Yup more pictures to take.

The plastic figures that I hung on the fence are staying up thank goodness. Well that is about it for today.  Much more is waiting to be seen as the days goes on.

Have a great week end