Another Day

The weather outside today was just grand.  Swing weather so Brandy and I sat out there she rested and I crochet.  I now have all the pumpkins (and their stems) done for my wreath.  The next step is the web (make 2)  There are only only 3 rounds to it so I guess I’ll work on that next.  Then comes the spiders (3). I’ll work on both of them  tomorrow.

I have to show you the bathroom.  When Cindy first worked on it with what we had it was Blah!   So oUt she went Dollar Store shopping and now it great.

Color, shiny stuff and even bells hanging down

She also found this

He plays the Adam Family theme with two farts after each line.

You have got to smile, even laugh out loud when you press his button.  So it is fun to sit and meditate in there now.

I decided to show the wreaths for the outside doors.

First the front door.

Now the back door

Since I dressed Lucy (the goose) it was only fair to dress the dog that share the window with her,

This is my Mummy dog and like a real one he isn’t happy about it.

I thought I would slip the latest vase of flowers in.

Yep couldn’t resist the flower counter.

Well it is time for Brandy’s evening meal and she is going to keep reminding me until I get up and feed her.  I also have figure mt checkbook so I’m out of here for now.