Rainy Days And (Mondays No) Wednesdays Always Get Me Down.

About 11 am with rain until after 6 pm, winds of 12 miles per hour, and 54 degrees right now.  What a lovely way to start the day.  My first thought was to crawl back in bed.  But Cindy got up so with a cup of coffee in hand we played one game of rummy.  I won after at least five games of losing to her.  In between hands I managed to feed the zoo

I found not one roll of paper towels  the house so it meant get dressed and go to the garage.  I also looked out the front window to see the top had blown open on the garbage cart so I had to go close that before the truck came by to empty it.  Did I get wet?  A little but as my mom used to say I’m not sugar or spice so I won’t melt.  She also added Shit floats to put me in my place.

I took this the other day of the living room window when it wasn’t raining

This was the dining room window with lighted items in it.

Inside was more things to see.

The bookcases always get garland.

But I have yet to put spider webbing over the pictures on the living room wall.

I’m still struggling with my Trick or Treat wreath.

everything is in this box and I’m about to pitch it out in the rain.

I just finished Portnoy’s Complaint  and all I can say is I read it.

My next selection will be Sarah Schmidt’s See What I Have Done  based On the Lizzie Borden story.

I have to show you what happens when things get noisy around here.

Our Lily hides behind the computer screen. 

Well the mail lady just came by so I guess I’ll do my duty and go get it.  (Heck I’ve already got wet and still ain’t melted)

Sure hope your day has a little happiness in it.