2 More Days

Who says Halloween isn’t important!  Here is proof for you.

Maria, Luanne, and Lucky sends Halloween greeting from California

It was a delight to receive this and I had to share it with you.   Seeing we only have 2 days left it was a had to post.

Now if you want something really scary try this on for size.


It seems like I need my youngest son to get this post done right.  He know all the TRICKS and working with him is a real TREAT!

I have been going through books and file drawers looking for a pattern that I used to have for a shawl but I gave a lot of my patterns away when I moved and can’t find what I need.  I have a lot of yarn, crochet hooks. and knitting needles but I’m short on patterns.  I tried going online but everyone wants you to sign up for their site.  Maybe my friend Pammie has something I can use.

The weather report says cold but no rain for trick or treaters.  I hope so because I have a lot of potato chips to hand out.

I finished the Reader’s Digest this morning so that has been disposed of.

While in my folders I found a bunch of handwritten instructions  for moving pictures, adding and deleting things all from before MS10 so I put them in an envelope for Les to check when he comes up next Saturday.  I’m sure they will go in the throw away pile but I want to check with him to be sure.  ( I sure can accumulate a lot of paper for an old fool).

Well I just finished one of David’s Fuji apples.  What a great flavor.  Now I think an hour’s nap is in order and Brandy is always ready for that.  Let me know how your plans for the holiday are going.







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3 thoughts on “2 More Days

  1. Wow! So surprised to see my photo with the dogs on your blog. That photo of you is really something. Looking forward to Halloween. I think we both c be a little scary.

  2. I will see what I can find for you for a scarf pattern. Have you thought of using your Diagonal Box stitch for a scarf? You could just do HALF – then bind off – just a thought. Will keep looking; hugs!

  3. Up in the night taking a tea break with radio on too.

    My knee still hurting – got to see if can catch a bus to go see my sister today about 9 am maybe shall taking paraceptamol.

    Have to cut my grass one last time Thursday, nephew coming to do it for me. I do pay him as a job for this.

    Halloween quiet here some fun things on TV. Marion Liss England.

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