A Suggestion And A Preview

I have just closed the cover on David Lagercrantz’s  The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye.  The Millennium Series started with Stieg Larson who wrote three novels.  Upon his death Lagercrantz took over the series.  I can only say that the whole series has been every bit an adventure into  unusual situations, thoughtful, and intriguing stories.  May I suggest that you read all five novels and you will be hooked as I am on the series.

Today I will go back to working on my Trick or Treat wreath.  Now my working with cotton yarn leaves a bit to be desired but I will continue to  crochet  the pieces .

Tomorrow Cindy and I will start the decorations for Halloween.  I did locate the flag yesterday.

It is now hanging outside off the porch.

The inside window in the kitchen has a new flower.

I love picking out these things for the vase in the window.

Neq beads adorn the tree on the kitchen counter.

So this is just a preview what is to come.

The sun is shining, the wind isn’t bad, so maybe some outside for Brandy and me is called for.  Have a great day.


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