Don’t Spin The Meter!

I just printed 15 cookie recipes from Hallmark so David could see if he could use any of them.  He and his friend John plan to make cookies in the next couple of weeks.

Well we have the tree up but we will trim it tomorrow because Cindy had to go to work this afternoon.  As we go through the boxes we brought in from the shed we are finding more things to put out but the problem is where to put them.

This is on an end table right now but this is not it’s permanent place.

The other day David found the problem with my recliner so I ordered a new controller.  It arrived today now I will have one of my Christmas wishes granted.  I wanted to be able to put my feet up, lean back and relax now I will.  Amazing what a $15.00+ part can  do to make one happy.

The Bronner’s order arrived today and every window in front now has new lighted items to join the old. ( no sticky, clingy, stuff this holiday).  This is why the tree didn’t get trimmed today (too many decision on what should go where).

The buildings I bought last year are back on the file cabinets again and plugged in to shine brightly when we flick the switch.

The goose I bought Cindy came in a day or two ago and this is the problem.

There is no room for the cat to rest and be comfy!

We are waiting now for the Santa Outfit for the goose to come in.

It is getting dark now and I so want to turn the lights on but there is plenty time in December to make the electric meter spin!





More Done

I’m overwhelmed  with all the things we have placed today.  Here are a few.

This is Buck one of my backyard friends,

This is his mate Doe

This is their sled.

They came with me from up North and this year I finally let them out of the garage.

Chris Murphy came today hung the lights on the house.

Now we have lights from the front all the way to the back porch.

He  then came inside to do this.

The left side of the archway with the Hallmark birds.

The right side for a total of 12 birds many that came from my friend Darlene.

Next year we will have 13 and it will be easier to place them.

Well  tomorrow Cindy and I will work on getting the tree up and trimmed. We just ran out of time today.

This is our bathroom shelf. You have to feel safe with all these nutcrackers standing guard.

I think I just made a funny!

On the bookshelf the mice with their yellow kerchiefs and ice skates are watching the countdown.

Well that is it for now but I’ll be back.   Take care.







Getting Ready

Today the fun began.  Several boxes marked Christmas were wheeled in from the shed.  David, Cindy, and I started unpacking and placing items around.

This tree skirt I made in 1983 then never made another one.

Cindy decorated the kitchen counter tree.

She also dressed the dog for the front window.

He will now join Lucy to celebrate the Holiday.

The birds for the archway.

I had used a paper ribbon on them at first and when David went to hang one of them the weight caused the bird to fall and David had to fix the damage.  I proceeded to use yarn instead and now they are ready to go up.

We have placed many items around the rooms and still have more to be placed.

I changed the flag outside.

David said he liked this one. 

Tomorrow we will continue with the tree, more items to be placed. the birds to go up, and place Buck, Doe, and the sled in the yard.  Chris is coming over to put the lights on the house too.

It is coming together but the is still a lot to do.

I hope your getting things ready also and enjoying the job.





Almost December!

Good Afternoon.  Well Cindy just set me up on Facebook and all I can do is wonder about how I’ll learn the ins and outs.  But I learn Blogging so until the mind goes I’ll master Facebook too.

The weather in my neck of the woods is as follows.   40 degrees, wind at 4 mph, a high of 43 for the day, with partly cloudy or sunny all day.   But this is Michigan and it could change with the snap of your fingers.

Our first two Christmas cards ( from the Murphy families) arrived on Saturday.  My first reaction was wonderful but my second was oh S**t that is right I have to get cards out !!

I did however finish my project.

It was to be a shawl but it was so tedious I made it a long scarf instead.

This was the pattern I mounted on cardboard until I memorized it.   After that It was just redo the same stitches over and over.  I finished it last night a little after midnight.  I went to bed with sore arms and thumbs.  But at least I made something as a gift.

Cindy, David, and I will start the holiday decorating Wednesday.  But I thought I would dress Lucy today,

Her dress has toys on it and she it holding a gift.

As Christmas gets closer I’ll put on her angel dress.

Well Chris is coming over to put up the Christmas lights on the house tomorrow.  That will really help put me in a festive mood.

I was notified that the truck insurance is due next month so I’ll have to get that taken care of.  The sobbing you hear is my bank account crying for help but hey it’s the holidays and I have survived 81 years of it and this year will be no different.

I hope you are making plans about your busy December!


A Bit Of This And That!

This will be some of everything with

Thanksgiving Dinner at Les’ house.

My dinner partners were Les and Anne.

And my granddaughter Courtney

The meal was delicious and the plus was I got to help with it.  I had left my crocheting at home and I needed to be doing something.  After dinner everyone got the dishes washed and put away.

I spent the night there in a big comfy bed and woke up only once.  I don’t get to do that very often.  When I  got home Friday my Brandy had misbehaved and I had a batch of bedding to wash.  This is one of the few times I have been away from her in almost 12 years so I couldn’t be upset over it.

Black Friday Cindy and Dave went out and got their kitties a new condo.

That is Lilly on top and Calli below.

It took no time at all for them to put it to use.

I started clearing the Thanksgiving decoration yesterday, did a lot in the middle of the night, and finished this morning.  Everything is in two blue plastic cartons, in the the back  room, and ready to go to the shed.  I don’t know when we will start on December’s project but it will be a big one.

Lilly is back in the chair with my crocheting so that is on hold at the moment.

Cindy just got in from doing a 5K sprint with her boss, Amanda. and has laid down for a while.  Brandy Is still in bed and in no hurry to get up.  Actually I may take a little nap also seeing I worked on clearing things in the middle of the night.

I changed the flag just before it rained a while ago.

I will leave this one up for a week or so then change it to one of the more Christmas type ones.

I will eventually put up the Santa one.

I want to thank Les and Anne for having me over I enjoyed the stay.

Well I hope your Holiday was a happy occasion and you were able to spend time with family and friends. I’ll close for now.








Today is the day to give Thanks and I want to .  To everyone who has helped me get through Jay’s death, leaving my home of 17 years,  finding a new home ( with Cindy) and  getting the support I needed to do this.

May you have time to reflect on all the things you need to give Thanks for today.

Turkey Day Soon

Well another morning closer to the turkey gizzard.  The high today will be 46 with wind in the 14 to 17 mph area.  It will be cloudy with rain this evening.  Brandy and I might do a little time in the swing today.  I want us to have as much time outside as possible before the snow gets bad.  I called the Vet this morning because she doesn’t want to eat.  I asked if I could vary her diet.    I’m waiting for an answer.

Yesterday while in the swing a new set of visitors arrived.

Two Blue Jays joined the crowd at the feeder.

I may have to buy some more seed before the Eagle shits next month.  But to be able to watch the birds feed is something I enjoy and with less than $10. a bag I would find it hard to stop it.

Well I packed Maria’s box of jams and now have them ready to ship.  I even included some of the fudge, with the recipe, for her to try.  That box will go out tomorrow.

Yesterday was a repeat on the other day of things getting in the way of my project.

I think Lily likes the warmth of the chair so she hops in when I leave for a minute.

I may have to take a picture of the project if I don’t get it done before Christmas.  You know–“this will be your gift if I don’t get it done” thing.

I also have to work on the “social calendar”, as I call it for next year.  I try to record dates I need to remember, check it at the beginning of a month for what kind of  cards, and how many I’ll need.

Actually it is a date book.

I have been collecting recipes for my ‘book’.  I found a couple of cookie  recipes (which I don’t need), but they look interesting so I put my printer to work.

My Large Print Reader’s Digest came yesterday, of course I had to pick it up, and start reading.  ( The time on my project suffered for it).   But I’ll pick up the I  hook and crochet a while today.

When I come home from Les’  house Friday it will be take down, pack away Thanksgiving, and start thinking about the next holiday decorations.  I look forward to the project every month hoping it will be pleasing to everyone.

Let me know how your holiday plans are proceeding and enjoy what your doing to get it done.  I’ll check in again.


Yep, Sunday Again.

Up at 7 am this morning, a hot shower, my first pill of the day, empty the bathroom trash, took that and kitchen trash to the garbage cart.   I  filled the outside bird feeder and went out to get Saturday’s mail (it rained yesterday).  Back inside to gather up yesterday’s clothes, took them to the laundry and started the washer.   Next I fed the cats (3 of them). warmed last night’s coffee cup,  set the pot up for more, and went outside for this.

It has snowed all night but nothing stayed on the ground,

It is now 34 degrees, cloudy, wind at 14 mph, and it will stay in the low 30s until 7 pm.

Now I have the birds inside to feed and then Brandy when she gets up.  Cindy is working so I will start to crochet  my project, transfer laundry, fold clothes to put away and pack Maria’s box of jam to be sent to California.  I may even sneak in a little reading today.  ( I must stay out of the fudge because it is really good.)

This Thursday I will be going to Les’ house for Thanksgiving dinner, stay overnight, (Brandy won’t like sleeping in bed alone) and return home Friday.  My granddaughter, Courtney will be with us for dinner  and my other granddaughter, Jasmine, hopes to stop by for a few moments before going on to her dinner.  Cindy has to work that day and David is going to his mother’s house.

A momentary halt to transfer the laundry.  I have probably said this before but it is like riding a Merry-Go-Round in my life.  Like jump on, go round doing things, and jumping off in order to catch up or advance things to the next level.

Well it has been roughly three hours since I opened my eyes this morning and I do have to pick up that I hook.  I will sneak in  feeding the inside birds in the next jumping off space.

Have a good Sunday, stay warm, and let me know how your Holiday plans are progressing.


Start Of A Busy Day

It is still Good Morning but not by much.

I started the day cooking.

Scalloped potatoes.  The recipe made with a white sauce.

I prefer this because sprinkling flour among the layers results in lumps of flour that didn’t get moisture.  Now I’ll  add beef sausages and a Baby Vegetable Medley to complete our supper.

My second project this morning came from the blog of my dear friend Pammie.

The Three minute Cranberry/ Pistachio Fudge.

Now it does involve three minutes after you open and chop 1/3 cup of pistachios. I confess I didn’t check for unshelled nuts so it did take a while.  But the results are cooling in the fridge and all my dishes are washed.

A couple days ago  Cindy took me to our nail appointment   She decided she wanted something different for Thanksgiving.  Her idea sounded good so I did a copycat of it.

Both my ring fingers are in gold. Kinda neat I think.

Well now it is back to the I hook ( no I haven’t given up yet).

Looking out the window it is gray, rainy, and downright sad.  I will go out for the mail but that is as far as I will venture today.   I guess this beats snow but I think snow would be a whole lot prettier.

I pick up the tape when I went to pay the storage rental yesterday.  I already have the mailing box and the plastic for wrapping the jam jars so that is tomorrow’s  project.

Well my friend  look out the window, stick out your tongue, and give this day the old raspberries. Then figure out something nice like a cup of hot chocolate and visit me again.








Who Knew!

Sometimes when you want to crochet some thing gets in the way!

She is comfy!

I have been fighting with row 3 for a day or two.  I sat up at 2:30 am  and restarted it again.  When I did get up again this morning it was feed the zoo, get my coffee, transfer laundry that I had started in the middle of the night, and I just didn’t get the I hook in hand.  When I finally reached for it that is what I found.

Cindy made us a Lasagna for our supper and I have a small plate of it cooling In front of me.

My Brandy decided to get up just now so It will be feed her.  Well you know the saying about the best laid plans of mice and men ( believe me it is true).

Brandy and I  are fed, the dishes are in the dishwasher, and Lilly is still sleeping with  the yarn.  I don’t think I’ll be doing much working on the project tonight.

Cindy came up with a small speaker for her cell phone and it is amazing.  It is the form of a Cat’s head and costs $5.30.  I had David go and pick me up one for my bedroom TV.

Mine Is a Puppy head and I can now hear my little TV clearly.

I never realized that I Five dollar bill + tax could make such a difference,   Now I hope it will last for a while.

Well Cindy has another 5 hours on her tour and I’m wondering what I will do.  My camera just said charge the battery so that pretty well ends my post for tonight.

I hope you have lots to do for the weekend and enjoy every minute of it.