November !

Yep Halloween has disappeared from outside the Meadowlawn address.  A new note has been typed for the front gate.  All the eyes are out of the bushes.

Cindy made these and they worked very well.

Save your toilet paper rolls next year.  This is how you make them.

Cut eye shapes in them, add  light sticks and hide them in the bushes.

We had 46 beggars which was good seeing there were only six front porch lights lite on the 2 blocks.  It was a cold night to be out walking around so you got to give them credit.  David could hear them coming to door (I can’t ) so he handed out the chips.  I changed the calendars in the house instead.

This morning I got out, cleared out the bushes, changed the flags, took the plastic figures hanging on the front fence down, and cleaned everything but the back porch.

The new flag is up.

Yep it is turkey time!  Even if he  talks backward!

The good old Red, White, and Blue hangs out front again.

Inside everything is still up and remain that way until the cartons come in to pack every thing away.

The cats are fed so I’ll start on the birds next, and then Brandy.  I got the mail and there are two catalogues to go through so I’m delaying the inside clearing for now.  I hope your Halloween went well and that you will be back to normal soon.