Day Three

Well as my Grandma used to say ,”the eagle shit today”{ meaning the SS) came in so it was take Brandy to get groomed.

She is in resting on the bed.


i finally got into the shed today and found Thanksgiving.

Now all I have to do is unload it and start decorating.

This might not get done before Sunday but at least it is where I can get at it.

I finally found a pattern for a shawl with friend Pammie’s help and hope to get started on it next week.   She sent me several emails on patterns.  That is what good friends are for!

A look outside this evening brought this.

You sure can’t Autumn for great colors.

I’m sitting here eating boneless ribs and juggling the plate around the mouse.

Cindy is at work and David is playing Magic so everything is quiet around here.

Tomorrow there is a Retired Phone Operator’s luncheon at 1 pm then I free the rest of the day.  Some weeks nothing is going on and others things conflict not that I am complaining.

I almost forgot it is fall back this Sunday.  Daylight Saving Time stuff!

Well that is it for now but I’ll be back!