What To Do On Day 4

Went to the retired phone operators luncheon today wearing this.

It way too big but I had to wear it to get comments from the attendees

Funny how you pack things away forgetting you ever had them in the first place.  The luncheon was a series of I know that face but what the heck is her name.   It has only been almost 30 years since I retired but i worked there for a little over 29 years. ( Now  I wonder why I can’t remember names.)

I started going through the Thanksgiving boxes today and came across this.

My grandson, Dakota, was very young when he made this for me.

He is now 24 years old and I still pull it out every year and place it somewhere in the room.  Dumb I know but it is something I do.

I have started on decorating the windows but it just ain’t jelling so I’ll get Cindy to help me tomorrow maybe.

I don’t know how old this Cornucopia is but it still works so out it comes. 

I’ll be taking other pictures as the decorating continues.

Well it has been quite a day so I think I’ll  close for now.