Almost Halfway Through November

Well it is almost afternoon so I thought I should visit before I pick up my project again.  Yep I ripped it all out because I remembered what Cindy said that If it wasn’t what you would enjoy doing it then don’t.  So I changed patterns, went out and bought more yarn.

This is the beginning of the Duchess Of Cambridge Crochet Shawl.

It will have navy and white yarn with it.

Les and Anne were up on Saturday to take me to Brunch.

They had to leave after because the Christmas lights were calling to be hung.

But Brandy got her attention first.

Ain’t nothing like Lesley’s lap and a good belly rub.

I looked out the front window yesterday and saw this.

My Firebush Is truly burning,

I guess Winter is truly on it’s way.

Well the Eagles are on the Bose, Cindy and David are out, and Libby is barking from the cage.  ( She can be a real pain in the ass when she is free in the house.)  There isn’t a cat dish with food in it or a waste basket that is safe when she is free.   I will soon let her out and watch her because I hate hearing her bark.

Well my friend Libby is calling and my crochet hook has gotten cold so that is it for now.