Helpful I Hope

Good morning.  After spending 12 hours in bed with no supper, an upset stomach, and a bitch of a headache I finally feel better today.  I suffered a bloody nose and a feeling that I wanted to upchuck but couldn’t.   The only thing I consumed during those hours were  cups of cold water.  (Talk about want to die.)   But today I have a slight headache and I was well enough to solve one of my problems.  Being an amatuer crocheter I find it difficult to follow a long pattern.  When the instruction say to do the thing twice or more I get really upset about following them.

So when I read that I needed  233 chain stitches I started to panic.  But I had bought the yarn and I (by golly) was going to make it.   One of my major problems was losing my place on a long instruction so this morning I worked on that first.

I cut up a cardboard box to fit the size of the pages I needed.

I don’t know about you but every time I have to check the instructions my yarn gets in the way and I lose my spot trying to straighten things out.

Good old scotch tape affixed the pages to the cardboard.

A small clip holds a marker in place. ( Being an old information operator with the phone company I always used my marker.)

On the back side I taped a set of helpful instruction.s.

Now I am in business.  But then I thought other people have this problem too.  be it inexperience or old age so I thought it was worth sharing.  I hope this helps someone.

Will I’m ready to pick up my I hook and get started. Talk to you later.