Don’t Spin The Meter!

I just printed 15 cookie recipes from Hallmark so David could see if he could use any of them.  He and his friend John plan to make cookies in the next couple of weeks.

Well we have the tree up but we will trim it tomorrow because Cindy had to go to work this afternoon.  As we go through the boxes we brought in from the shed we are finding more things to put out but the problem is where to put them.

This is on an end table right now but this is not it’s permanent place.

The other day David found the problem with my recliner so I ordered a new controller.  It arrived today now I will have one of my Christmas wishes granted.  I wanted to be able to put my feet up, lean back and relax now I will.  Amazing what a $15.00+ part can  do to make one happy.

The Bronner’s order arrived today and every window in front now has new lighted items to join the old. ( no sticky, clingy, stuff this holiday).  This is why the tree didn’t get trimmed today (too many decision on what should go where).

The buildings I bought last year are back on the file cabinets again and plugged in to shine brightly when we flick the switch.

The goose I bought Cindy came in a day or two ago and this is the problem.

There is no room for the cat to rest and be comfy!

We are waiting now for the Santa Outfit for the goose to come in.

It is getting dark now and I so want to turn the lights on but there is plenty time in December to make the electric meter spin!





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