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Good morning.  After spending 12 hours in bed with no supper, an upset stomach, and a bitch of a headache I finally feel better today.  I suffered a bloody nose and a feeling that I wanted to upchuck but couldn’t.   The only thing I consumed during those hours were  cups of cold water.  (Talk about want to die.)   But today I have a slight headache and I was well enough to solve one of my problems.  Being an amatuer crocheter I find it difficult to follow a long pattern.  When the instruction say to do the thing twice or more I get really upset about following them.

So when I read that I needed  233 chain stitches I started to panic.  But I had bought the yarn and I (by golly) was going to make it.   One of my major problems was losing my place on a long instruction so this morning I worked on that first.

I cut up a cardboard box to fit the size of the pages I needed.

I don’t know about you but every time I have to check the instructions my yarn gets in the way and I lose my spot trying to straighten things out.

Good old scotch tape affixed the pages to the cardboard.

A small clip holds a marker in place. ( Being an old information operator with the phone company I always used my marker.)

On the back side I taped a set of helpful instruction.s.

Now I am in business.  But then I thought other people have this problem too.  be it inexperience or old age so I thought it was worth sharing.  I hope this helps someone.

Will I’m ready to pick up my I hook and get started. Talk to you later.






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3 thoughts on “Helpful I Hope

  1. It also helps, when dealing with large numbers of cast-ons/chains/stitches, to use a stitch marker or just a little piece of colored yarn (not the same color as you’re working with – something that stands out) and put those little yarn pieces in between each repeat in the pattern. If the repeats are (like in your pattern) multiples of 11, then every 11 chains, place a yarn marker. (Just another refresher: when the pattern says “Multiples of X number of stitches PLUS X, that means (like in yours: 11 chains + 2) you would figure out how wide you want it, then chain 11 times that amount and then add the last 2 stitches/chains. Believe me, that little ‘tidbit’ took me a LONG time to figure out when first knitting! Now I know that when I’m knitting a baby blanket, for the most part, they will be about 125 + stitches wide to get what I want so then I figure out the “Multiples of” then add on the last + stitches. Hope that makes sense.
    You were very creative in your BOX PATTERN HOLDER! Hope it helps you!!! HUGS!

  2. Ok, here goes “Boy, am I DUMB!” Just got to thinking about the above post/comment…with crocheting there is NO PLACE to put a stitch marker! I’m so used to knitting, all the stitches are ON THE NEEDLE ALL THE TIME so the stitch markers ride along on the needle along with the stitches! Cancel my above suggestion – guess that doesn’t work with crochet! UGH! (I was going to make you a set of stitch markers but that won’t work!)

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