You would think after 82 years I would have something profound to say about the coming New Year but I don’t!  I can only say I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018.  We will remember those who have left us with fondness  and care for those still with us.

A special Birthday wish to my oldest Wesley and may he have many more

What I Have To Be Happy With.

First the new flag went up.

The flag with the three owls is back.

This marks the beginning of putting 2017 away.  It was good and bad but basically I’m still on the right side of the grass (even if it is snow covered),

We had an incident with the garbage pick up this week which darn near caused me a heart attack,  The neighbor across the street park in front of the house for a few days (dead battery) which meant the truck couldn’t get in to dump the cart.  Also it was on top of the snow bank so that also caused the truck to leave it behind.  But the cart is back in the yard waiting for the next pick up.  Some time before next Thursday I will slowly knock down that front bank so the cart will be on a lower level.  I know you think I can’t do it but by golly I will!

What I got for Christmas is what every child talks about at this stage of the game and I’m no different.

First David found out what was wrong with my recliner and a hand controller from Amazon corrected it.  Next Lesley figured out why I couldn’t imput pictures and fixed it. Next I bought a new set of inks for my printer–now it works right.  We made cookies (lots of cookies) and they are almost all gone.  But never fear we can make more because Cindy bought two big boxes of mix.  Also

From my grand daughter Jasmine and Chris I got this and a can of homemade cookies.

From Les and Anne

Off my wish list

This will help with my canning (paring & peeling for one thing).  I also have a new sewing machine Anne gave me.  ( You’ve seen that.)  I got a check from my oldest son.  Plus

My loose leaf binders from Cindy and David to organize my projects.

Cindy and David are always taking me places so I don’t have to drive among a lot of  other things to make life a little easier.  Cindy is forever finding little things for me.  So as you can see I really received a lot of useful and continual giving things this year.  Thank thank you everyone.


Two Moods

Well I slept in this morning and the zoo let me know it.  Every creature except the dogs was  starving to death because I didn’t fed on time.  I certainly know who can be ‘top dog’ when they get a scoop in their hand!  But I finally got them taken care of.

I also pushed one more large bag in the top of the garbage cart so now there is only two to go in when it is empty.  ( Well I looked out and most of the carts were chuck full with lids sticking up so I joined the crowd.)

I’m waiting for one load of laundry to finish because I have one more to go in.  Aha done and the last one (small) is started.

Yesterday Cindy took me out in the afternoon and I accomplished everything I needed.  My printer needed ink so I bought a whole set.  I needed to go to the Post Office for supplies to send some things back to Anne.  Got them!  I now have what I need to work on my recipes and get them separated into my new loose leaf binders.

I have to show you something

When I first woke up this morning Bah Humbug!

When I finally started getting my S**t together!

This is called mood swings.  ( Boy look at them craters in that old puss!)  I’m amazed that children don’t run screaming down the street when I smile at them!  But at least you have to say I’m not afraid to show the world reality!!

Well everything that breathes in sleeping except the two birds but they are quiet.

Cindy is working a double.  Brandy just got up so it is outside and then hopefully her breakfast.  Take care everyone!



Memories Of The Holiday

Alright are you ready?  I have 24 pictures on my desktop that I have to get rid of and I don’t want to just delete them so bear with me!  They were important enough to take, it took Les to figure out why I couldn’t get them transferred from the camera to the computer, and finally they are waiting to show you. (They won’t be in any order.) So here we go!

This is my Lucy in here Christmas outfit!

Then Brandy got her Christmas ribbons

This is this morning but the sunshine on the front side of the house.

This was the walk after the last snowfall but now it has to be cleared again.

Cindy, David , and I made cookies just a couple of days before our Eve dinner.

Sugar cookies to decorate

Thumb print with my homemade jam.

Snowballs with our Gingerbread house.

Hersey’s Kisses on top!

Then there was Chocolate Kringles .

More Cookiss

There was Sugar butter ones , Candy Cane ones and who knows how many more but we got them all made.

Next was our Christmas Eve Dinner.

Ever one contributed to it. We even had sweet & mashed potatoes, baked beans, all kinds of cheese/crackers, Mom’s chip dip and chips.

Of course we had deviled eggs (need them every year so David made them).

Now our dinner guests were

Anne in her Mrs. Santa Outfit.

Les with Cali

Wes hiding behind Jazz

Cindy with grand daughter Jasmine.

Me with Jasmine’s friend Chris

David was in the kitchen cooking the pierogies.  ( This is a tradition with his family and a great addition to ours.)

All in all it was a great Christmas Eve dinner and our presentation of ( my Dady’s) Clement W. Waggoner’s tradition of what Christmas Eve is meant to be.










# 2

Well I’m back with a kitchen table filled with pickles, relish, olives. all kinds of cheese, deviled eggs, chips, Mom’s dip, crackers, and M & Ms. The Nesco has sweet potatoes.  baked beans.  and a spot for mashed potatoes that just finished cooking and are looking for a masher!

It is snowing now so all the ugly is covered up.  You see everything is coming together for us.  Oldest son is on his way over with the ham, David is making Pierogies, Les just called to check on Salad dressing for the salad.  Cindy should be off work soon and we will start the setup.  Oldest just arrived so i’m out for right now.

First Installment Of The Dinner Prep!

Good Morning –this is the first of I don’t know how many posts for today but hey I feel the need!  After we cleared the crumbs and confectioner  sugar away last evening we found we had ‘xity’ dozen cookies to be packed or stored before we could even begin to work on the dinner this morning.  Well I find now the apple pie overflowed on to the foil covered tin and looks like the Incredible Hulk had smashed his ugly face into it.

Now my cats have been fed and I have potatoes on the table to peel–how many who the devil knows but I’m game.  Next will come the sweet potatoes–sorry folks but they are Bruce’s jazzed up a bit.  After that it will be do it as I see it–no rhyme or reason to it.  That it is it for now but i’ll be back later

I Can Hardly Wait!

Good morning and Happy Holidays to you.  Well it is three more days to our Christmas Eve family dinner and plans are almost all in place.  This tradition as I have said before started with my dad because he believed that kids should be able to stay home and open their gifts on Christmas Day not visit with stuffy relatives or family friends.  So we have tried to carry on that tradition.

Well you heard me talk about the sequin project the last few days and here it is.

It almost fits with the building size.

Maybe now there will be no more sparkle stuff on the floor, little short pins to step on, or things that Libby might think would taste good to worry about.

Well yesterday Cindy and I built a house.

The back

The side

and the front

In all it’s glory.

Now keep in mind this is the second house Cindy has built that didn’t fall down ( in her 40s now),  In my 80’s this is the first one I have ever help on which is no easy task for my shaky old paws.  I swear I had more frosting on my clothes than I did on the house.  But at least I finally help build one.

This time of year was a fun time for us.

This was our crew at one of the last parades that I walked in in Lake Orion.

Other pictures of other parade are in my picture folders.

This was last week.

Just a few days ago.

But it maybe a green Christmas If the snow keeps melting.

Now we wait

But while we wait there is cleaning to do.  There are cookies to make.  There is excitement  to build so I’m out of here for today.  Take care and rest when you need to.



Wait & Worry

Four days to the family dinner, finally got the monitor up and running last night but still can’t transfer pictures from the camera to the computer.  I have pictures of Lucy my goose in her angel costume. Brandy in her Christmas bows on her ears, my engine and box cars (in sequins) finished, and a couple of others but I can’t get them to transfer.

The snow is melting and I can cross to the mailbox without busting my butt.  All my gifts are wrapped and under the tree.  I should be relaxed but I can’t help but worry that I’m missing something.

Well I guess that is all for now.  Hope your plans are coming along.


Time to check in.  Good morning on a morning when the snow isn’t flying at least not yet.  No sunshine yet but maybe later in the day.  No I’m not checking the forecast–this is a day to be surprised.  ( It only took me 4 times to spell that one just now–gonna be one of those days.) I have been waiting for a delivery that was scheduled yesterday and I guess I’ll continue to wait today.

Yesterday my daughter ask what I wanted for Christmas and I replies 3 loose leaf binders.  This morning I found this on my desk.


Hey ask and you shall receive.

Now I don’t know if they are all mine –but hey I’m happy.

Yesterday I worked on sequins.

My box cars are done and I started on the engine.

More work on that today.  (Now I have already made a mistake but hey this way you can tell I made them.)  Can’t do sh*t right at my age.   Had a failure from the internet earlier but I’m trying to pick up where I let off.

Cindy had me get this to fill out.

She said there was no baby book for her and I didn’t have time to get one.  She was four months old and her biological father died.  So the normal stuff didn’t get accomplished.  I told her work on this after the holidays so there was no rush.  She said yes if I don’t die first.

I have to go