Lights, Lights Everywhere

I’m back with more pictures.  I hope you don’t mind but we are proud of work.

On the side of the house the birds are marching proudly

The dining/kitchen window is bright with color.

The living room is a riot of color.

Santa and his sled are flying across the top of the window.

The lantern is on the back porch

The front of our home ready for the holidays

Inside is this

Cindy’s Goose is all dressed up for the holidays.

Finally my present from Anne

A new Singer sewing machine so I can retire my Kenmore.

The Kenmore is going to another home.

Cindy added snow to the buildings in the front window

The cats are a little put out because they usually sit in that window and look out.

Tomorrow we will be moving the containers to the shed until it is time to pack everything away.  But for tonight we thank you for joinng us.