Day 4

I discovered a very sad thing today.  I’m getting forgetful.  Cindy is here to correct my mistakes  and the thoughts that are wrong but it doesn’t help me feel any better about my ability to keep control of my life.  ( Getting old is a Bitch.)  An example is did I or did I not feed all the zoo this morning.  Did I take my vitamins and pills today. Did I put Brandy’s pills in her food.

I stood and cut the Christmas tree box today because it was getting pretty ratty.

We plan to get either a carton or a bag to store it in after the holiday.  But as I stood there I thought It has lasted a long time.  When I told Cindy I was going to post something on it she said that I had bought it last year after I gave my old one away.  Checking the box she was correct and I was thinking OK proof I’m losing it.

But I do have a few positive things to tell you.

Cindy and I have just  packed two boxes of jam.

One is on it’s way to Florida, the other to California.  A surprise for a couple of people.

I have a better picture to show you.

The living room front window

The weather is clear today but the sun has decided to hide.

Cindy introduced me to facebook and I find myself lost in time once I start checking it.  I’m going to have to set up a schedule with a time and the amount of viewing I want to do daily.

I did manage to read my Large Print Reader’s Digest for Dec/Jan. in the middle of the night  so that is gone to the round file.  I also folded laundry, cleared the dishwasher, and played cards on the computer.  I don’t know why I can’t just pee and then go back to bed but no I have to warm a cup of coffee to drink, spend a hour getting chilled, then  think about  what I plan to do the next few days, THEN go back to bed.  But the mind doesn’t go to sleep right away.  I check the time, close my eyes, lay in the darkness, think, open my eyes, check the time, and repeat the whole thing over again several times.

Oh well I’m sure other people run into these problems–at least I hope so.

I’m sure my Brandy hasn’t eaten yet today so I think I’ll pull her off my bed and feed her.  Have a good week.