Gonna Play

Good Morning today I will be on and off  the blog all day adding stuff.  Starting with the zoo– except for the dogs all have  been fed.  One load of laundry is in the dryer, I took my pills, set Brandy’s out so I wouldn’t forget them, got the checking account out of the way, paid the bill that came in yesterday, and now I’m getting ready to play.

I’m going to work on my Choo,Choo train.

I haven’t worked in sequins in a very long time but today I felt like pulling the kit out and seeing what I can do.

Well I’m glad I get the nails done tomorrow because they are a problem when doing this project.

It is difficult to handle all the items needed

Picking up the pin, placing the sequin on it, placing glue on the end, and then pushing it into the form without losing it is the task.

It has been slow going.

I think once I have the nails shortened a bit it will go faster.  At least I hope so.

Outside the temperature is 35 degrees but feels like 25.  The wind is at 16 mph but it is blowing things over.  I had to bring the presents from the sled in because they were blown around the yard.  The forecast says the winds will be between 13 and 17 mph all day.  This means displays are being blown over, the trash from down the street is working it’s way past the house. and to put the garbage cart out is asking for trouble. Hopefully it will calm down a little by morning so the cart can go out front for pick up.

Well David is not feeling well and is resting. Cindy is working a double shift so it is very quiet around here. I think I’ll go back to the sequins for a while.

Ok my friend that’s it for day 5.