A White Christmas ?

Light snow all day.

Grass is peeking through but the roads are covered.

It is 26 degrees with wind at 6 miles per hour. Walking to the mailbox was with baby steps, the fence to catch if I fell on my side of the street, and then carefully crossing the snow covered street.  I wanted to mail a payment so Cindy, when she came home from work at 2 pm, wouldn’t have to go back out.

This is a timeout, rest the fingers, and delay a headache.

I have one more side to finish the blue cube after this picture was taken. 

Then it is on to the red one which will complete the cubes for the box cars once the wheels are put on.  All that will be left then is the engine.  I might just get it done before Christmas.

Looking out the front window.

I really don’t want to go anywhere anyway.

If this holds up we will certainly have a white Christmas this year,  I can remember a few when we  had bought sleds and there was no snow to slide on.

Well I guess it is time to return to the sequins because Brandy still hasn’t come out for breakfast even though the zoo is fed except for the dogs.

Hope you are moving along with your plans but remember to take time for a breath.