All Kinds Of Warm feeling!

Last night after dark I still hadn’t seen the little something that Maria (Silverfox) said she had sent me.  Finally checking the front window there was a shadow at the foot of the gate.  I trudge out on the sidewalk through the snow and saw the package inside the gate which was locked.  So it was back in the side entry and into the front of the house.  Sure enough there it was. After picking it up I trudged back inside the house.  I opened the package to find this.

What a beautiful thing it is.

All can say is Thank you, Thank you Maria it is beautiful and I found a spot for it on ledge in the front room.  And to think that because I sent her jam this was her thank you.

I also had given jam to David’s friend John and tonight he brought me a pint of Grape Jam that he had canned.  I haven’t had Grape Jam since I moved from my home in Otisville because the lady lived down the road from me on Lake Rd had given me grapes from her vines.  It is a wonderful surprise when something you give gives you something in return.

Well I didn’t get to work on my sequins today because the table wasn’t available but I get at them again tomorrow.

I’ll have the lights on the tree and in the front windows for a while.  It gives me a warm feeling to see the colors shining brightly.

With no nap today I may turn in early because I will be up in the middle of the night for an hour or so.

Stay warm and comfy!