I’m Back

Well it is the 12th and Christmas is getting closer.  Today I finally got a better picture of my Nativity.]

Jimmy Murphy painted this for me several years ago.

Every year I bring it out, set it up, and remember how Jimmy used to come over and paint the eyes on my wax figures because I couldn’t quite manage that.  My angel has suffered a minor bit of damage but otherwise everything is good. Now I am living just down the street from his dad’s house (back near where I used to live).

Today I almost lost a friend.

It was into the laundry tub with the Johnson’s Baby shampoo for Brandy.

She was not happy but with the roads being so slick I didn’t want to drive her over to Petco.  She was beginning to smell a little and looked pretty ratty so I put her in the laundry tub and cleaned her up.   I know she gets better treatment at Petco but sometimes you just have to put up with a little less.

I got a card from Jay’s cousin Pat today and found out his Aunt Trudy died this summer as did Pat’s husband Gene.  It is sad when you send a holiday card and then find out that someone has past.  But if you don’t talk the family everyday those things happen.

Well I played  “Grace” today, tripped over my own feet, fell on the living room floor, (cement under the carpet), and am sitting with pain in my shoulder area, the back of my neck, and a bitch of a headache but I have survived worse than this several times in  my long life.  I laid down for a couple of hours before I made supper and will probably turn in early.

I do want to try and work on my sequins for a little bit before I give the day up. So I’ll close for now.  Take Care!