# 2

Well I’m back with a kitchen table filled with pickles, relish, olives. all kinds of cheese, deviled eggs, chips, Mom’s dip, crackers, and M & Ms. The Nesco has sweet potatoes.  baked beans.  and a spot for mashed potatoes that just finished cooking and are looking for a masher!

It is snowing now so all the ugly is covered up.  You see everything is coming together for us.  Oldest son is on his way over with the ham, David is making Pierogies, Les just called to check on Salad dressing for the salad.  Cindy should be off work soon and we will start the setup.  Oldest just arrived so i’m out for right now.

First Installment Of The Dinner Prep!

Good Morning –this is the first of I don’t know how many posts for today but hey I feel the need!  After we cleared the crumbs and confectioner  sugar away last evening we found we had ‘xity’ dozen cookies to be packed or stored before we could even begin to work on the dinner this morning.  Well I find now the apple pie overflowed on to the foil covered tin and looks like the Incredible Hulk had smashed his ugly face into it.

Now my cats have been fed and I have potatoes on the table to peel–how many who the devil knows but I’m game.  Next will come the sweet potatoes–sorry folks but they are Bruce’s jazzed up a bit.  After that it will be do it as I see it–no rhyme or reason to it.  That it is it for now but i’ll be back later