What I Have To Be Happy With.

First the new flag went up.

The flag with the three owls is back.

This marks the beginning of putting 2017 away.  It was good and bad but basically I’m still on the right side of the grass (even if it is snow covered),

We had an incident with the garbage pick up this week which darn near caused me a heart attack,  The neighbor across the street park in front of the house for a few days (dead battery) which meant the truck couldn’t get in to dump the cart.  Also it was on top of the snow bank so that also caused the truck to leave it behind.  But the cart is back in the yard waiting for the next pick up.  Some time before next Thursday I will slowly knock down that front bank so the cart will be on a lower level.  I know you think I can’t do it but by golly I will!

What I got for Christmas is what every child talks about at this stage of the game and I’m no different.

First David found out what was wrong with my recliner and a hand controller from Amazon corrected it.  Next Lesley figured out why I couldn’t imput pictures and fixed it. Next I bought a new set of inks for my printer–now it works right.  We made cookies (lots of cookies) and they are almost all gone.  But never fear we can make more because Cindy bought two big boxes of mix.  Also

From my grand daughter Jasmine and Chris I got this and a can of homemade cookies.

From Les and Anne

Off my wish list

This will help with my canning (paring & peeling for one thing).  I also have a new sewing machine Anne gave me.  ( You’ve seen that.)  I got a check from my oldest son.  Plus

My loose leaf binders from Cindy and David to organize my projects.

Cindy and David are always taking me places so I don’t have to drive among a lot of  other things to make life a little easier.  Cindy is forever finding little things for me.  So as you can see I really received a lot of useful and continual giving things this year.  Thank thank you everyone.