Another Day Started

Wow what a day yesterday with visibility at zero, traffic moving very slowly, it seems Cindy was working very hard to get us where we had to go but she did it.  As the snow kept blowing we went from the doctor’s office, to the credit union, and then started hitting the stores we needed to visit. We got it all done and couldn’t get home any quicker than what would be possible.  She said she wouldn’t do this for just anybody only her parent.  David was here to help here unload,because I can’t lift right now, and believe me there was plenty.

Today now the temperature is 8 degrees, wind is 8 mph, but the sun is shining and it should get a little warmer this afternoon.

Buck’s body has opened up and his head is drooping

But he will have to wait until Chris comes down to to clear the snow.  Yesterday’s mail is still in the box and I need to make a trip to the garage for some supplies.  But again that will have to wait until the walk is clear because I fell two days ago in the living room and I’m still aching from that. Gettin’ old is the shits I’ll tell you!

But while I was out yesterday I replaced an important book that I had given away when I moved.

It is the 1950 edition

Now I know I have the internet with thousands of recipes at my fingertips but like the newspaper I like holding something in my hands.(Old school you know!)

Moving on this is in my front window.

Sometimes it is difficult to rest in the sunshine

Darn old buildings make it hard for Cali to get her vitamin D when she needs it.  This sign on the fridge explains it.

Boy with Cali , Lily, Molly, Libby. and Brandy we have a great example of  it.

In the inside kitchen window sits this

David’s sister Debbie made it for him and this year i figured it needed recognition.

In fact it doesn’t even wet on the sill!

Well I have to finish feeding my zoo, get the dishwasher emptied/reloaded, and get dressed, so I’m out of here.





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2 thoughts on “Another Day Started

  1. (now here goes – turn about is ‘fair play’) YOU rest & get better! (see, now I can say that back to YOU!). Hope your body is healing and you’re not in a lot of pain – you’re right – falling is NOT FUN!

  2. Like your window with the cat in. I am still juggling presents around, changed daughter in law’s today and sister’s so am awaiting another delivery now from Amazon!

    Soon be getting dark again now and am waiting or our local radio request programme tonight. Believe the Presenter doing Elvis CD this evening.

    No snow just now and talk of rain Sunday. And a mild Christmas. from Marion England.

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