I Can Hardly Wait!

Good morning and Happy Holidays to you.  Well it is three more days to our Christmas Eve family dinner and plans are almost all in place.  This tradition as I have said before started with my dad because he believed that kids should be able to stay home and open their gifts on Christmas Day not visit with stuffy relatives or family friends.  So we have tried to carry on that tradition.

Well you heard me talk about the sequin project the last few days and here it is.

It almost fits with the building size.

Maybe now there will be no more sparkle stuff on the floor, little short pins to step on, or things that Libby might think would taste good to worry about.

Well yesterday Cindy and I built a house.

The back

The side

and the front

In all it’s glory.

Now keep in mind this is the second house Cindy has built that didn’t fall down ( in her 40s now),  In my 80’s this is the first one I have ever help on which is no easy task for my shaky old paws.  I swear I had more frosting on my clothes than I did on the house.  But at least I finally help build one.

This time of year was a fun time for us.

This was our crew at one of the last parades that I walked in in Lake Orion.

Other pictures of other parade are in my picture folders.

This was last week.

Just a few days ago.

But it maybe a green Christmas If the snow keeps melting.

Now we wait

But while we wait there is cleaning to do.  There are cookies to make.  There is excitement  to build so I’m out of here for today.  Take care and rest when you need to.



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2 thoughts on “I Can Hardly Wait!

  1. Glad you FINALLY got to build a gingerbread house – how exciting! (and I can just imagine the on-going ‘banter’ with you & Cin doing it together!). SOoooo glad there’s no snow to slip, slide or worry about driving in (at least – so far). Stay safe, my friend! Hugs, Pammie

  2. Re gingerbread house, I gave 3 ornaments of these to neighbours with children, plus a younger couple who have only 3 dogs! Did it few weeks ago bit early. Hope they liked them.

    Learnt today my Granddaughter has achieved a new job up in Cambridge where she was happy when doing her studies for 3 years, to begin in Feb. So pleased for her. A lovely Christmas present.

    I have printed signed photos of my favourite stars in the Series of Poldark come for my Christmas, sent by the man who has been filming the next Series since September. Delighted with.

    Grey here and mild and looks like being so for the Day. Marion England.

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