1-30 Double Dip

It is about 4:40 pm and at 3:00 I had completed this.

On the side from the gate to the driveway

Also this

Across the front of the lot on the street side.

That completed all the shoveling.

Thank goodness for my boots, my gloves, and my newly fixed jacket.

Not a bad day’s work for an old broad like me.

I have spent the  time since filling out papers to see a new doctor about my hearing problem.  That appointment is on Friday.

Well that is it for today friend

January Almost Gone

Good morning and indeed it is!  When Brandy woke me up to go outside at 2:20 am I sat at the table afterwards doing a fill it in and the idea hit me.  When I get up in the morning I will shovel the snow.  So at 8 am up I got, fed the cats and reached for this.

This was a very wise purchase and it gets a lot of use.

I keep water in it all day long because it only takes a minute to pop in a container of Folgers and it is coffee as I like it.  I filled my outdoor cup with coffee, added Sweet Cream, and Equal then outside I went.

So far I have cleared the sidewalk though the side gate.

Then started a little of the sidewalk towards the front of the lot.

I also did this.

In preparation of moving the garbage cart out to the road later today.

I put up the shovel for now because Cindy had to take David to an appointment and she doesn’t like me doing these types of things when there is no one home to check on me.  As soon as she comes home I’ll pick up my shovel again.

After she left I made a bowl of Apple/cinnamon  oatmeal, did one fill it in puzzle, and decided to get my post out of the way for today.

Cindy brought my red jacket home last night with the new metal zipper in it ( just in time for this morning).  It is very warm and the air doesn’t get in it.

Before I went out this morning I started my laundry and it is in the dryer now waiting to be taken out and put away. I can also feed my birds while I’m waiting for Cindy to come home.

As is the custom Libby is in the cage when Cindy and David go away.  She barks for a while but I will get her out now to go outside and then get a drink of water before I make her stay by me until the folks get home.

It is time to wish my daughter-in-law a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.  I wanted to sing the (you live in a zoo song to her) but she is working!  Anyway Anne have many, many more!

Got To Smile!

This morning I woke up to this

Plus still coming down

It is 27 degrees, wind is 10 mph, and the snow measures 2 1/2 inches deep.   The snow will last until 7 pm tonight.  How deep will it get–beats the devil out of me.  At least the forecast says SUNNY tomorrow.  ( Now will it melt this mess?)  I don’t know friend because this is Michigan and anything can happen.  Cindy just said it was 52 days until Spring (Sh**).

Well all of a sudden I don’t care If I sew goose dresses.  I don’t care if I do anything.  Just now the winter blues hit me.  But a bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup, Five crackers, and a cup of coffee with Sweet cream in it should revive my ‘get up and go’.

Brandy has been outside and then went back to bed.  Libby is in the cage because Cindy is taking David to the doctor.  I will let Libby bark for a while so that when I let her out she will behave.

Time to turn on my music, heat up my soup, and find a smile to put on my face if I have one. .

Stay warm, be careful if you have to go out, and most important return safely!




Looking For My Create Thing!

After I cleared some empty boxes out of the spare room by putting some in the back of my truck and cutting up the rest of them I came in and went to work on Lucy’s dresses. (My goose).

Six new dresses to sew.

I measured a completed one, measured each of the materials, cut out the pieces for the dress, the sleeves. the arms. pinned them together, and will work on them tomorrow.  As you can see two are for the holidays but the others can be worn any time.  Now I have to find some small doll hats to go with them.  I’m going to be using the sewing machine that my daughter-in-law Anne gave me.

Cindy went and had a makeover today before work and she looks tremendous.   You can see her on face book.

Well Brandy finally came out to go outside and then come in to eat so I guess my visit is done. Enjoy the coming week and remember Spring will have to sprung soon.

Time Is Passing

I’m slacking again.  So I’ll give it a try to catch up.

No snow but it ain’t sweater weather either!

Cindy and I went grocery shopping yesterday and as is our usual thing it was buy this.

Fresh flowers to brighten the kitchen.

We did a lot of buying yesterday but the fridge has been kind of bare.  Now we look like we can eat for a while.  We even pick up cukes, celery, and a couple of tomatoes.  I bought another peach to enjoy, plus oranges, apples, and bananas.  I added cans of fruit to the cart this time.  (Trying to round out the diet a little.)

I managed to sit in the swing for a while but Brandy lasted about four times back and forth before she was off to explore the back yard.

I am so looking forward to Spring so I can sit and read in comfort.

Lily doesn’t like where the tunnel is.

I had to move it when I put the new shredder by the desk.

This evening I watch Cindy trying to put fake eye lashes on .

Even with David’s help it wasn’t working.

I’m sorry but it looked like a spider was crawling around her eye.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  She did a video on it which will probably on face book. ( But hey at least she tried.)  She is working on the new look ever since she has lost so much weight.

Me I think I’m past the makeup stage with all the wrinkles.  There  ain’t enough make up in my life to fill all the cracks.

Well the last few days I have read, slept, done my chores, and nothing else.  I wake up in the morning thinking I’ll work on my jig saw puzzle, maybe a little jam making, make a pattern so I can make my goose some more dresses, work on an embroidery project, or do one of my paint by number pictures.   But what do I end up doing –sitting at the computer,  doing  fill it in puzzles, or reading.  Where has my urge to be creative gone.  Beats the s*** out of me but I can’t seem to find it and time is passing quickly for me so I had better wake up soon.





The Latest!

Good evening I’m back.  Just a little sore from the bounce I took but basically fine.

It is 25 degrees out there but feels like 19.  Wind is at 5 mph with a slight amount of snow flakes that melt before they hit the ground.

This gave me a chance to pick up parts of my windmill that had fallen on the ground.

While I was out there I picked up the mail and brought the garbage cart back into the yard.  ( I was careful to check for ice.)

On the back porch.

Cindy dressed and put her goose out there.

Her dress has pictures of all the seasons on it.


I finally have the top drawer of one of my file cabinets done.

The 2017 papers are packed in a box under my bed and all the 2018 papers are filed.  The empty box I had began a new life temporarily.

Lily can’t resist an empty box.

Speaking of boxes I had Cindy locate the box for my shredder in the garage to take it back.

We found the base for it still in the box.

So now it sits here beside the computer desk doing it thing.  (I just don’t check things well enough I guess.)

Cindy took my red jacket in to be fixed the other day.  Several attempts to fix the zipper by several people in the house and friends have failed so it was decided that the zipper would be changed.

In the meantime I’m wearing Jay’s old jacket.

The person fixing my jacket said it should of had a metal one not plastic.   It will be done soon.

I do a lot of these when I’m tired of reading, have my chores done, or wake up in the middle of the night.

Well Brandy is up and looking for her last meal of the day so I’m out of here.  Take care!


F*** I Did It Again!

This afternoon I went out to the garage but never made it.  As I grabbed for the gate it swung open, I stepped forward, fell, and hit on my right side this time.  David looked out and came running.  He got me off the ground and made sure I got into the house.  I was soaked from head to foot.  All the time thinking but I took a bath this morning.  Under the water is ice!! If you have to go out be very, very careful.

It looks safe but it isn’t

Just because the snow in melting doesn’t mean it is safe.  I have a little pain this evening but on the plus side my left arm quit catching that sharp pain every time I move it funny.

I was going to feature this today.

Yesterday was clean a cage day.

Cindy worked on erin cage cleaning the bars, floor and all.

All clean and neat again

That prompted me

It sure needed attention

I worked on Spirit’s cage sweeping it out and changing the paper

Swept the kitchen floor and the cages were done.

This evening it is 43 degrees with rain until at least 2 am.  Again please be careful out there.

I still haven’t accomplished cleaning 2017 out of my file cabinet but I will get it done.   Right now however I’m in the middle of the Reader’s Digest magazine and after the fall that is about all I want to do.

Again please take care if you have to go outside.





Fresh Air –No Snow!

It is Sunday morning with a forecast of 36 to 37 degrees and a wind of 2 mph.  There will be light rain after 5 pm until  Monday at 10 am (no snow–yah).  Why—-

Because I shoveled from the gate to the street.


from the porch to the gate at the garage . (Cindy had done some)

The exercise and fresh air really felt good.   I filled the bird feeder for the first time in a long while.  (This morning the level is down a bit.)  I sat out on the porch,  read for a while, then moved inside when my feet and hands got cold.

This morning I was greeted with a mess.

Cardboard stuck on the shelf in the Fridge.

I couldn’t get the glass out without emptying the a shelf in the door so I got my Scrub Bud and the heavy bristle brush off the sink, wet them and went to work.  Results were more than satisfactory.

With Cindy’s urging I started back on my calorie counter to make sure I was eating over my amount prescribed by the doctor.  I’m not suppose to lose anymore weight don’t you wish you had that problem?  It also helps me make sure I’m getting the meat, vegetables, and other items I need for healthy eating.  ( When you write it down candy, chips, and cookies it don’t look very healthy.)

Yesterday I read the AARP Magazine from front to back.  Some good articles in it plus What Happened To My Husband?  A reminder that what is on the internet isn’t always the truth.  I also started the large print Reader’s Digest for February.

Well it is back to pulling 2017 out of the top drawer of the file cabinet to make room for 2018.  I think that pretty well set up my day.  Do have a good Sunday and a great week.

Work Is Never Done!

It is hard to believe that it was last Monday when I last posted.  I guess I’m slipping up a little.   But I’m back now. so here we go!  First I must show you my two beautiful daughters.

You know their names.

Brandy had just come back from a bath and a haircut.  She hadn’t even got her coat off yet and her ribbons were in her hair.

She gets her ribbons because she is a good girl when being groomed.

Speaking of ribbons

This is her gallery of ribbons on the bedroom wall.

I don’t like to waste any thing that makes a good decoration.

I ordered this so I could put my puzzle ( a Christmas gift from Jasmine) together.

This way I can move it if I’m not through putting it together.

I sure don’t need to tie up the kitchen table at meal time.  Also the cats love knocking things on the floor.

Well outside–

Still snow

The forecast says it is 22 degrees but feels like 14, the wind is 6 mph, the high expected 37 with mostly sunshine.  The main roads are clear but the streets in the subdivision are covered and slick.

The reminder.

I was having trouble remembering if I took my pills and vitamins so I came up with this.  I put my Align package in the front of my pill holder.  It works great so I put Brandy’s on the TV stand until I feed her.  ( Got to stimulate the old brain sometimes.)

Well Cindy took David to an appointment so Libby has been in the cage for about an hour barking.  It is almost time to get her out to go potty.

Well the zoo except for the dogs is fed, my laundry is almost ready to come  out and go in the dryer, my checking account is figured, and I’m going to start emptying 2017 records out of the file cabinet to make room for 2018.  ( A woman’s work is never done–Agreed.)




It’s Monday Again!

Good Morning.  When I woke up Libby barking because she was in her cage.  Cindy and David had an appointment to keep.   When I finally came around I let Libby outside and started feeding the zoo.  I gathered my laundry and started it.  Next came Cindy’s which went in just now.  I have the Bose playing my favorites. I had a bowl of Strawberry Oatmeal for my breakfast then gathered the dishes. I emptied the dishwasher, reloaded it and started it going.


Out the front room window

It is 16 degrees with a wind of 8 miles.  It is a light snow off and on and called for all day.

After feeding the zoo I noticed Spirit taking a bath in her water dish.

Talk about a small tub but she makes it work.

New flowers and beads for the kitchen counter and inside window.

It is a little early for Valentine’s day but I love the colors.

Well my camera battery is charging, I’ve turned off my music, have clothes to transfer.  Cindy and David just came in.

Well mine are still drying, Cindy’s still washing, so I turned Bread back on only lower to enjoy it.  Both Cindy and David  are rssting with Libby joining them.  Brandy is still in bed so it is just the cats and me up and around. ( Snow still falling lightly.)

What am I going to do?  Well one thing get dressed ( my bathrobe don’t keep my ankles warm).  Then I’ll finish the laundries, then pick up The Rooster Bar and read some more.   I can also do some more Fill It In puzzles because I sure not going outside in this weather today. I am going to have my arm looked at soon but not today.

Funny but I am sitting here swaying to the music.  It is so much comfort to me that I smile.  My selections today are as follows:

Live At the Troubadour with Carole King and James Taylor.

The Best Of Bread  with Bread.

Sultans Of Swing with Dire Straits

The Warmth Of The Sun with the Beach Boys

I know all moldy oldies but remember I’m going on 83 in roughly another month and besides it is my choice.  I have several other artists including the Moody Blues, Alison Kraus, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, and the Eagles.  You can add Supertramp, Journey, Orleans, Air Supply, and I can add close to 100 more but I’ll stop for now.

Time to check the washings and get a new cup of coffee.  My clothes are on the table to be folded and put away.  Cindy’s just went in the dryer so I guess it is time to leave the keyboard and play domestic goddess.

Please have a great week.