Gonna Be Good!

Well good afternoon on this sunshiny day.  But don’t let that fool you.  It is 7 degrees and the forecast says it will go to the minus area as the day wears on.  The wind is 16 mph and it doesn’t take long for the forehead to start aching when you are out in it.  First after feeding the zoo I waited until the garbage truck came by and watch the mess from Christmas  finally get dumped.

This cart plus the one we borrowed from the neighbor were filled to overflowing .]

Last week on pickup day the truck couldn’t get to it so until yesterday we had no place to put what we had accumulated this last two weeks.  Then the neighbor across the street let us use her cart also.  For most people this wouldn’t bother but it did me greatly.

It seems I could do nothing right this year so far.  On New Years eve I forgot to hold money in my hand at midnight (a tradition) so I can’t say that this year will be wealthy.  I also didn’t kiss anyone at midnight (in fact I didn’t even say much) another sign that I will be lonesome.  It also seems that my expenses are growing too.

The decorations were put away yesterday .

It took Cindy, David,  and me all day to get everything packed up and in the shed.  At least there won’t be a big to do about decorating for January.

Son Lesley is still in the hospital in Ann Arbor with a herniated disc.  They are trying an injection first but if that doesn’t work it will mean surgery.  He is in a lot of pain but there is nothing I can do to help.

On the bright side I’m going to work on my jig saw puzzle now that there is room to set it up.

I plan on chicken thighs in Shake n Bake  for our supper tonight with a side vegetable.  I’m going to have to start cooking meals for a while to empty out the freezer a little.   We have things to eat but they must be cooked.

I  have to get into my binders and start typing up the old recipes that are hand written.  I know I still have fruit for jam making to take care of soon.  So it is basically just getting up and doing these things instead of sitting around and worrying about things I can’t fix.

I have a wall full of encouraging words to read every day so I better start reading them.  It is going to turn into a great year if I can just get through this rough spot.

I hope all is going well for you so until next time I’m gone!