Still Freezing Like Everyone Else

Yesterday Darlene and Michael visited.  They took me out for brunch then we went to Petco to get Brandy some different food.  While we  were there I turned in a coupon for a pound of dog treats so it was a delayed birthday present for her.  She turned 12 years old on the fourth.  That should last her for a while.

Later when Cindy came in from work she, Darlene, and I played Rummy with Darlene being the champ. I came in second and Cindy was on hind tit as my grandma used to say.  Our visitors were up to bring presents for us.

A Mountain Bluebird and a Lady Mountain Bluebird.

I normally get one every year to add to the ones that hang in the archway but this year they gave me two. They must think I was a good girl this year.  I fooled them.  They also gave me a lovely black jacket with silver designs on it.  Now I will wear it to Bunco or something to show it off.  Thank you friends.

Leslie is home but still having a bit of trouble so the blog back ground will remain status  quo right now.

Well tomorrow I will pay off my truck.  This will bring an addition few buck in every month because I won’t have that payment and I can go PL & Pd to save money on insurance.

My Visa bill came in and wasn’t as bad as I thought but of course part of it may on next month also.  I’ll have to wait and see.

Well that is it for now.  Remember to stay warm and healthy.